Put your stockpile to use: Operation Christmas Child!

Last week, my girlfriends were chatting about Operation Christmas Child and how this is the week to turn in your boxes. I’d participated once before – long ago – but as my friends were talking I thought it would be a perfect activity to do with the kiddos!

What’s Operation Christmas Child, you ask? If you’re not familiar, you can check out the Samaritan’s Purse website. Basically, you assemble a shoebox or shoebox-sized container and fill it with little goodies (such as toys, personal hygiene items, school supplies, etc.) and then the organization distributes these worldwide to children in need. What an awesome opportunity to remind my kids of how blessed they are and to instill in them the value of giving to others!

I’ve been thinking a lot this year about some posts to share with you about making your holidays more heartfelt – not a series per se – but ideas as I come across them. I wanted to share Operation Christmas Child with you because I feel it’s a perfect opportunity to put to use those toothbrushes, soap, crayons, and other items you’ve snagged for a song all year long!

My daughter made a box for a girl, and my son a box for a boy. I asked them to help pick out some small toys and goodies last night at Fred Meyer to round out their boxes.

I chose to buy those $1 Sterilite shoeboxes they sell at Fred Meyer so the child and their family could reuse it for other purposes in their house. I was able to pack two tubes of toothpaste and two boxes of crayons per box. I was so excited to share my stockpile goodies with someone that could really use them! Fred Meyer sells a number of toys for $1, so we snagged some of those and then included a couple nicer things for each box. My daughter picked out a locket for her girl; my son a Mario t-shirt for his boy.

My kiddos wanted to color pictures for their children and leave notes. I’ll also be sending a photo of our family and an address in case our child wishes to write us. Maybe I should include a stamp or two and an envelope – thoughts?

I am thinking we should make this an annual tradition in our house!

 Want to get your family involved in Operation Christmas Child this year? It’s not too late, but you’ll not want to delay. This week is national collection week – when the boxes are gathered and then processed for distribution.

Head to Operation Christmas Child’s site for instructions as well as locations near you you can drop-off your boxes!

I would love to know what activities your family participates in each year to help make the holidays more meaningful and more about the spirit of giving?


    • arussell says

      See, this is why I ask. The coffee hasn’t kicked in yet! DUH!!! Thank you for rescuing me from my lack of brain cells this morning.

  1. Paula says

    Please do note too, that the 10-14 age group tends to be the most overlooked; if someone hasn’t put their box together yet, they might want to consider doing it for this age group!

    • arussell says

      You are so sweet Tiff!!! Honestly, I didn’t want to share this post as “hey look at what we’re doing” so much as a “hey – here’s something awesome you all can do too!!” I hope to do more posts like this as we near the holidays!

      Thanks as always, Tiff, for your encouraging comments. You are one of the people that keeps me going – you rock!

  2. Jana says

    Thank you for posting about operation Xmas child! It is such a wonderful charity! I’ve packed shoe boxes for 15 years and it’s a lot of fun! We have our children pick things they would want for a boy and girl their ages. My three year old did ok understanding the whole thing until we got to the baby dolls. :)


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