Puyallup Fair Coupons: FREE Kids’ Weekend, FREE Food Drive Entrance Day!

Are you planning on doing the Puyallup Fair this year? It starts tomorrow, September 7th and runs through September 23rd!

I wanted to remind you that a month ago, I shared some tips for ways to save at the Puyallup Fair – including coupons, free/reduced admission days, military discount, and more. Please refer back to the Puyallup Fair 2012 post for the complete list of deals!

Here are a few notable highlights you’ll want to be aware of:

  • FREE Entrance Food Drive (TOMORROW!) On opening day (Sept 7th), gain FREE entrance between 9 and noon by bringing a suggested donation of a non-perishable food item.  For a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids) that could save you about $43 right there!
  • FREE Kids’ Weekend (THIS WEEKEND!). BECU is sponsoring a “Free Kids” weekend this Sept 8th and Sept 9th where kids 18 and under will gain free entrance! Note: you will need to print this Free Kid’s Entrance coupon to get this discount.
For the entire list of discount, see my post on Puyallup Fair Coupons.

Of course, sometimes it’s easier said than done when it comes to saving at the Fair…. if you can relate, you might want to read my post called The Frugal Misadventures of the Russell Family: The Puyallup Fair Edition.

All this can be yours....for the low price of $43.

What if you can’t get to the Fair this year? Maybe your calendar – or wallet! – won’t permit you? Have no fear, I’ve got a fabulous recipe for homemade Elephant Ears! Now you can bring the Fair right into your kitchen.

Will you be headed to the Fair this year? What do you love doing the most at the Fair? Any traditions you have?


  1. says

    A and I are still up in the air whether we want to attend this year or not – the deal at Fred Meyer seems very very reasonable, but we don’t normally do rides so I’m not sure that’d be such a great deal for us, per se.

    Scones were always the tradition in my family – we have the boxed mix from Costco but there’s just something awesome about eating a hot scone with butter and jam from a paper bag while wandering through the expo hall and pavilion. : -)

    – KP

  2. Marci V says

    Thanks for posting this today…as I’m taking my boys (5&3 yrs) to the fair w/ my mom. We’ll be bringing our donations to get in free. Hope to find some parking under $10 that isn’t a mile away. I bring food (sandwiches, snacks, and a water bottle for everyone). I forgot my water bottle in the car last year & it was like $4 for a water inside :(. They sell the back packs for kids $10 each & have snacks inside along with some coupons. Pretty sure i remember having used my admission ticket stub for a discount on rides (think those were the Fred Meyer/Safeway discounted admission tix).
    A few musts on our list…get scones & an earthquake burger(to bring home for dad). Bring the “monkey” harness for 3yr old since he loves running around (can use it when we are in crowded areas) and borrowing my lil sisters colapsable fabric wagon (for tired kids & hauling backpacks & food,etc). Freebies include checking out the new rainforest exhibit, photo gallery(aunt & hubby have had pictures selected in the past), music stages, kids magician & animal shows, etc.
    At the end of the day we head home before dinner and boys usually fall asleep early…and we have great memories until the spring fair 😉

  3. Anelalani says

    My husband and I have been “Doing the Puyallup” since we first got married in 1997. We took a poster photo of just the 2 of us. Every year since we’ve returned and took a photo button of our growing family. When we get home we hang it on our “wall of fame”. This year we have to take another poster photo because we’ve completed our first wall! It’s always fun to walk down our hall and stop to look how much everyone has grown!


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