Quick trip to QFC, Fred Meyer

I wanted to use my Quaker coupons today at QFC where I learned the boxes of oatmeal were priced at $1.49 this week. I was also inspired by the readers that commented on my Fred Meyer ecoupons post this morning and decided to give the Healthy Choice deal a go. Here's how I did.


I spent $17.57 for everything pictured above. While it's not the greatest savings know to man, I'm pretty happy considering this was mostly a "needs based" trip. (Pay no attention to the partially used bottle of apple juice…the kids couldn't wait for my grocery photo session!)

The Healthy Choice dinners worked out to $0.07 each! I used the $5-off-$5 printable and loaded my Fred Meyer Rewards card with the $5-off-$5 ecoupon ahead of time. Aren't you all proud of me? I'm stepping on up! A note to those doing this deal: pay attention. The printable beeped for me, as it did the other two readers who did the deal. I assumed my cashier pushed it through, but it was only on our way out of the store that I realized she hadn't. UGH.

This may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but I really do NOT like resolving issues like this. I'm really not this "fearless coupon gal." Not a bit! But I took a deep breath, got my coupon back from the cashier and took it to customer service where they quickly gave me my money back. My cashier was clueless about ecoupons – so just be prepared if you're going to do this deal. Was it worth it? Ummm…I just got 5 dinners for $0.35 total, so yes, I'd say it was!

A couple other finds. The salad was $0.88 (and I had a $1 off coupon but the cashier refused to take it…sheesh, not my day, huh?). Anyhow, I firmly believe the salad should have been free, I just didn't feel like duking it out over $0.88. Not my style. Oh! And the Nabisco bags were just $1 each! I didn't have any coupons, but felt that they would make a nice treat for the weekend ahead for the kiddos.

All told, I estimate that I saved about $26.74 after coupons and sales – a savings rate of 60%. Hmmm. Maybe that wasn't so bad after all! 

I should be good on groceries until next week – my girlfriends and I are doing another freezer meal swap and I'll likely need to do a larger shop. I'll share more about that trip and the meal swap next week.  



  1. Bethany says

    Too bad we don’t have a OFC or Fred Meyer around here! I just have a question about ALbertson’s. I was in the other day, and my cashier told me she wouldn’t do multiple transactions and I couldn’t use more than 3 doublers per trip because they manufacturer’s considered it “stealing”. I said I’d put my other two transactions back then, and she called the manager and he told her to go ahead and do it. Do they have a formal policy on this? I really didn’t want to be considered a stealer, but I’ve been able to do multiple transactions and use 3 doublers per transaction at other locations before.

  2. says

    I’m a little confused. The doubler coupons are STORE coupons, not manufacturers’. I will agree that it is pretty clear on the doublers – limit three per shopping trip. If you were doing three transactions back-to-back AND hoping to use three sets of doublers, they absolutely could tell you no.

    Perhaps the simplest way to clarify would be to ask how they define “shopping trip.” Is a shopping trip once per day? If you go out to your car, and come back is that another shopping trip? How about if you ran another errand and came back? It is absolutely important to be able to shop and use your coupons in clear conscience and I find that in handling some of these gray issues the best approach is to ask the store directly. I’m unsure if there’s an official “store policy” on this, but I’ll see what I can find out.

  3. Bethany says

    It was the multiple transactions that she said was “stealing”. And then rolling the catalinas on your next transaction.

    I did tell her I did not want to be dishonest and would definitely put my stuff away instead, but she said it was fine, and she’d ring up the transactions for me. I’m not sure if I just caught her at a bad time?

    How do you use the doublers? Back to back on multiple transactions or on multiple trips to the store?

    Thanks Angie! :)

    From a beginning couponer, you’re such a fabulous resource!

  4. says

    I find this interesting, too. If it were stealing: 1) why don’t manufacturers code the Catalinas to NOT roll (such as at Walgreens) and/or 2) why is there NOTHING on the Catalina or in the ads about not “rolling?” If it is truly stealing, I should think the manufacturers would do a better job of informing consumers of those parameters. Maybe this is coming, and if it is, we’ll just adjust. 😉

    I do recall Safeway having an “eating right” promo last spring. This was a Catalina deal. In their ad, they made it clear “one promotional trip per day.” They were able to regulate that easily enough via store loyalty cards and you were in fact limited to one trip per day. But the ad also suggested to me that they understood some people would want to take advantage of the deal and do it more than once. I think this was a rather smart move on Safeway’s part and I think other stores should follow suit in clarifying how these deals can be done with everyone feeling good about it and no confusion (shoppers, managers, cashiers, etc.)

    Doublers – if I wish to use more than 3, I usually break up my trips, yes. I personally have NEVER gone to checkout with 6 doublers and asked a cashier to break it out in transactions. I really *do* try to abide by the fine print on these. I heard a particularly nasty (and fortunately still unconfirmed) rumor that Albertsons might be eliminating doublers altogether. I don’t want to see that happen.

    Thanks for taking the time to ask these hard questions. I have pondered them myself – and still do. I would love other readers’ input. And if there are any readers out there that work at the stores or for any of these food manufacturers, you are ALWAYS welcome and encouraged to participate here too!

  5. Marci says

    QFC has the new Method laundry soap for 3.99 plus I have a $2 off coupon. It’s for 25 loads. Is this a good deal? I know that Fred’s has All on sale for 2.99 and some folks have the Red Plum $2 off that making it only a dollar, but I don’t get the Red Plum insert (I signed up to get it via mail, hasn’t start yet). What’s a good price for laundry soap? Thanks.

  6. says

    It really depends, Marci. If you ONLY care about price, you can find it for pretty darn cheap. Maybe $1 – 2 for a medium-sized bottle. Now since I’ve been couponing, I’ve had the ability to try a variety of brands, and I LOVE Tide. I usually try not to be brand-loyal, but I think Tide just does the job better. My clothes feel cleaner and smell nicer longer. So when I find a good stock up deal on Tide (as I did in early Jan) I stock up! I think I ended up paying closer to $5 for a 100-oz bottle of Tide (great price for Tide…but again, you could find cheaper if you selected another brand).

    In your scenario, that would make Method about $0.08 per load. Seems decent to me and not a bad price. My Tide deal worked out to about $0.06 per load.

    Anyone else, thoughts for Marci?

  7. says

    Marci- I think that’s a good price. If you want to try it and the coupon is about to expire then go for it. But if you have time to wait out the coupon or you have a big enough stock pile of laundry detergent-then don’t! Hope this helps!

    Angela-The Healthy Choice Turkey Medallions meals are EXCELLANT!!! Best frozen meal I’ve ever had- the squash and cranberries melody side taste like it is freshly made not from a frozen meal! Enjoy! I did a deal with them at Kroger(Georgia)bought 5 and made $.05 on them and at Publix(Georgia) bought 10 and payed $10 for 10($1each) b/c I forgot to use another $5 printable so it would have been 10/$5 ($.50each) which would have been great but ya’ can’t remember it all with kids in tow!) Oh well!

  8. Bethany says

    Thanks Angela, for your input. Interesting. Yes, these store deals are a little unclear with the catalinas and doublers! Makes a girl’s head spin sometimes :) Again, thanks for your help! Much appreciated!

  9. Linda says

    Just a head’s up, my Fred Meyer would not let me do the Healthy Choice deal. According to my checker the ecoupon was a manufactured coupon, so the machine (and they Fred Meyer’s) could not let me use the additional manufacturer’s coupon. So no one else gets surprised if they get turned away also.

  10. says

    Linda, thanks for sharing your experience. I had another reader recently say they emailed Fred Meyer’s ecoupon division for clarification and were given a go.

    I think I’ll email them myself to see if I get the same answer, or a different one. Playing by the rules is extremely important to me!

    I’ll let you know what I find out.


  11. says

    Angela, FM does allow the stacking of a ecoupon with a paper coupon- they sent out an official memo about it in December. It’s called “digital coupons” in case you want to speak with a manager about it. They also have a phone number you can call for questions or issues with ecoupons: 1-866-221-4141, option #2. HTH!

  12. says

    Great, thanks Maygan. Do you have that memo you could email me? As you all know, ethics is extremely important to me in posting my deals. I will continue to pursue getting an answer for myself so I can attest that I was given the same answer. Thanks, all.

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