Reader Stockpile Photos: Post 1 of 5 (Family of 2-3)

I am pleased to share that so many of you sent your wonderful stockpile pictures! I have decided to break these out in a series of 5 posts, based on family size. Today’s post will feature family sizes of 2-3.

The goal for this series is simple. To show how very different stockpiles can look. Where possible, I will share what the readers told me about their lifestyle, and why they stockpile. It is my hope that you will view these photos with an open mind, whether or not you personally stockpile the same items or in the same quantities. The goal here is to show a great cross section of stockpiling! Ready?

Amanda’s Stockpile

Amanda is new to couponing. She is stockpiling for her husband and herself, and they are a military family. Here is how her stockpile is taking shape.

Kristie’s Stockpile

Kristie built her stockpile over about 3-4 months. On a given week, she’ll gather 2-3 papers. Kristie works full time, so she often doesn’t make multiple grocery trips per week. Even still, she averages 62% savings! She has two older children who like to come home and shop from “Mom’s Store.”

Julie’s Stockpile

Julie’s family of three are all vegetarians. Julie lives in a smaller home, so she has to be creative with where she stores her stockpile. She is a stay-at-home mom who strives to feed her family a balanced dinner most nights. She made a clever collage photo of her stockpile areas.

Vzavala’s Stockpile

Vzavala is a good example of how stockpiling and couponing can help you save money for something else. Her stockpiling efforts enabled her family to afford a 2010 Honda Accord! She lives in California, in the LOND, but has had good luck in stocking up on health and beauty items for her family.

Erin’s Stockpile

Erin runs the blog Coupon Newbie, and her stockpile includes items for her family of 3. She shared that she keeps her stockpile of canned goods, toiletries, and beverages in the basement laundry room. Her goal is to not outgrow the space she uses.

Kendra’s Stockpile

Kendra coupons for herself and her husband. She has been at this for just two months. One of the things she stockpiles is gift items, so she’ll have them on hand. Kendra writes that she has fallen into stockpiling and couponing because it gives her shopping trips more focus. Most of her stockpile has been built by shopping Rite Aid, Target, and Albertsons.

Becky’s Stockpile

Becky and her family of 3 live in a 2-bedroom apartment. Becky has been couponing her whole life, but only got serious about what she was doing in February. Given their smaller space, Becky has had to be creative in how she stores her stockpile. She has converted a portion of their apartment hallway with these shelving units.

Jennifer’s Stockpile

Jennifer says that she has created her stockpile for herself and her husband through smaller trips over a series of time. She estimates that she spends between 2 and 3 hours a week clipping her coupons, finding the deals, and doing her shopping. She notes, however, that her savings far outweigh the cost of time. Jennifer takes the time to teach others how to do this, too.

Thanks to these 8 readers who were willing to share pictures of their stockpiles with us today!

Up next: family size of 4.


  1. Allison says

    Thank you for posting this. I have been trying to convince my sister in law that she can do this for her family of 3. She is overwhelmed and hopefully seeing these posts will help her!

    • arussell says

      One of the things I hoped to show folks is that you can do this whether you have a family of 2 or a family of 8 (yes, I do have one of those coming up!!). You can also stockpile healthy items, clothing, cleaning supplies, or just focus on health and beauty. I love the variety of fabulous pictures and think this will be a great series. 😉

  2. says

    Can I just say I need some of your readers to come organize my cupboards and closets? Also, Becky, I want some of that Sweet Baby Rays!

    Seriously, what a fun series. I like that you’re showing different types of families, and that they are all building well-rounded stockpiles of things they need and use.

  3. Lindsey W. says

    I have been eagerly awaiting this series and here it is! I love all of the creative uses of space and organizing solutions and I will be stealing ideas from every photo pictured. Amanda, your photos reminded me that I have a plastic drawer currently hiding in the corner of my garage that I’m totally going to repurpose for stockpile usage. Kristie, I absolutely adore all of the little organizing racks/stands in your pantry. I haven’t organized my pantry yet so you’ve given me some awesome ideas for how to make it pretty! Julia, I LOVE the toy stockpiling you’ve done and I’ve just decided to start doing this too. I’m liking the idea of low stress decisions for birthday and holiday gifts and now I just have to figure out where to store them in my house. Kendra, totally digging the door hanger for the grocery bags and I think you’ve summed up shopping with more focus perfectly. I couldn’t agree more! Becky, this is genius for apartment living! I never would have thought to utilize a hallway but yet, it makes SO much sense! I really want to steal that basket off your shelf! What kinds of goodies are you hiding in that cuteness? Last but certainly not least, Jennifer, your photo is what I dream my garage stockpile will someday be. I’m a huge plastic tote fan and I’m curious what you store in yours. Thank you for letting us all peek into your homes and for your inspiration ladies! I can’t wait for the work day to end and to start putting some of your ideas to good use at my house!

    • Lindsey W. says

      Vzavala and Erin, I scrolled too quickly and missed yours! Vzavala, congratulations on your Honda! Looking closely at your photos, you’ve got an AMAZING amount of items fit into a very small space. Are these cabinets? Well done on your great use of space! Erin, having a goal to not outgrow the space you’re currently using is an important one that I haven’t thought about. I’ve expanded from one shelf unit to two in the last couple weeks but I haven’t really evaluated where to go from there, or if I really need more space at all. I may have to steal your goal!

    • Becky says

      Thank you, I actually had to get up and look in the basket to see what was inside LOL there are baby spoons and scotch tape. its practally empty I think i am going to be using it for breakfast bars soon… I personally love my hospital grade pink buckets LOL (thanks to my sons NICU stay)

  4. Milissa says

    I have a family of three. We live in a very small 2 bed, 1 bath townhome with no garage. Like Becky, my challange is space. You all have lovely storage space with great selves. I have been entertaining the idea of buying some shelves to place in my bedroom, hallway or living room. Thank you for the inspriation Becky.

    Does anyone have any advice for space challenged couponers trying to establish a stockpile?

    • says

      I am very limited on space in my kitchen area, so I bought an over the door rack to use. I picked it up at Walmart for around $18, I think but I can’t find it on to show you :(

      I have also seen people use an over the door shoe organizer {the kind with pockets} to store seasoning packets, extra razors, trial sizes etc…

  5. says

    Oh, I almost forgot! I also bought a full size & & two stacking,smaller size Ready to Assemble Cabinets at Target for $14.99 each on clearance. The items we use less frequently, I keep in the two smaller cabinets—which are stacked together in my bedroom!


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