Rite Aid: Seasonal Toy Clearance 75%!

I dropped by my local Rite Aid yesterday and I found a big section in the front of the store with seasonal toys marked 75% off! 

I ended up buying the bowling set pictured above for my kids for $2.50! We have a long hallway in our entry with wooden floors that will make a great alley. A couple weeks ago we made some bowling pins out of empty toilet paper rolls, but somehow I think this will work better. 😉

A few other things I found:

  • Toy lawnmower set (would be $2.50 after the discount)
  • Toy rake set (would be $1.50 after the discount)
  • Bat and ball sets (probably the cheapest would be around $1-2)
  • Dump truck (would be $3.75 after the discount)

There were also bubbles, jump ropes, and other such toys. I really wanted to stock up, but seeing how I had my kiddos right there with me, didn’t seem like such a good idea. I am going to try to sneak back later this week…here’s hoping I’ll find something left! (So save me a few things, will ya?) 😉

I’d love to hear if you find this clearance happening at your Rite Aid store, too!


  1. Kati C. says

    Super score! The RiteAid at 112th and Canyon in Puyallup has their summer toys marked down also. I was able to score a baseball bat and ball set for $1.24, a toy fishing set with pole and plastic fish for $1.99, and the Don’t Break the Ice game and the Don’t Spill the Beans game for only $3.49 each! I think toy deals are some of my favorite to score because it’s not only exciting for me but then I get to surprise my kids with fun stuff every once in a while too. Gotta love that! Thanks Angela! :)

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