12 Free Printables for your Road Trip

12 Free Printables for your Road Trip | The Coupon Project

As I’m preparing for our family’s upcoming Yellowstone road trip, I have come across many awesome, FREE road trip related downloads across the Internet and I thought it would be nice to compile them for you here – on one post!

If any of these strike your fancy, make sure to click on the link below the image to be directed to the blog that created it free for your use and download it there.

roadtrip1Printable Packing List for Young Kids = from OrgJunkie

roadtrip2License Plate Bingo Printable = from The Dating Divas


Road Trip Bingo Printables = from Oopsey Daisy Blog


Travel Bingo Cards = from Positively Splendid.comroadtrip9

Road Trip Activity Pack = from Playdough to Platoroadtrip3Reusable Car Games = from 123 Homeschool 4 Me (she suggests laminating them so you can reuse them!)

roadtrip4Printable Travel Maps = from Spoonful


Travel Activity on-the-go Pack = from SpoonfulroadtrippackingFamily Road Trip Packing list = from Simple Mom (she has the BEST downloads!)

roadtrip5Vacation Budget Worksheet = from Living Well, Spending Less

roadtrip6Travel Photo Checklist = from Simple as That

roadtrip7Pocket Travel Journal DIY = from Simple as That (not printable per se, but I loved this inexpensive, cute idea and wanted to include it!)

For more ideas, make sure to follow my Roadtrippin’ Pinterest board!


  1. Anne says

    Here’s a tip on a less expensive option to laminating:

    Get some plastic sheet protectors (on sale now) and slip the papers into those. Expo markers will wipe off with a tissue or you can use babywipes if the marker dries too much. I did this all the time when teaching for practicing math facts, mad libs during rainy day recess, etc. It also makes for easy storage in a 3 ring binder and provides the ability to recycle the sheets and reuse when the children outgrown certain sheets.

    Make sure they are the shiny, smoothy sheet protectors not the really cheap, flimsy one that are rough and bumpy. It won’t work on those.

    Since I brought up Mad Libs, your kids are going into K and 2, right? If you haven’t already tried those, that might be fun on a road trip.

    • Angela Russell says

      Thanks, Malia! I was excited to find the printable and your site. I hope to send some folks your way! :)

  2. Nell says

    If you have a kid like mine who gets car sick with any visual activities, try storynory.com. They have FREE! downloadable mp3 stories that are everything from folk tales and myths from around the world to original stories about teenage witches, or frog princes, or space operas, or teen rock bands. My 8 year old has been listening for years and loves them!

    They’ve also got an app you can put on an iOS device (don’t know about others) but I just download directly from their website to my itunes. You can also play right from the website if you want to preview first.


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