Safeway Just4U Program Blogger Event Recap & $100 Gift Card & Couponizer Giveaway Package!

A couple weeks ago, I shared that I was going to be attending a VIP blogger event hosted by Safeway to learn more about their new savings program, Just4U. I’m excited to report back what I learned.

Simply put, Just4U is a savings program that is tied to your Club Card and shopping preferences. Unlike other coupon programs, Safeway’s Just4U is unique in these ways:

  • It’s tailored to fit what you buy. Over time as you use your Club Card at Safeway, the more closely matched the Just4U offers and coupons will become to fit your needs. For instance, if you buy pet food at Safeway, expect to see more pet offers roll into your account.
  • It’s mobile. You can load your personalized deals and e-coupons right in the store from your iPhone or Android – and you should be good to go in 5 minutes or less!
  • You always get the best deal. The program will always ensure you get the best deal! So if the store is running a sale on a particular week, you shouldn’t be worried if the personalized deal you loaded isn’t as strong – the system will automatically give you the lower price, and the personalized deal will remain stored on your Club Card for another time.

So let me explain exactly how this works. When you upgrade your Club Card to the Just4U site (it’s easy and free), you’ll notice that the site is divided into three sections, like so:

Coupon Center: these are unique-to-you coupons that you load to your card. If you see a specific dollars-off-product, you’ll know it’s a manufacturer’s coupon (for instance, if it reads “Save $0.75 off 2 Yoplait Yogurt”). If, however, the wording reads a pricepoint, you’ll know you have a store coupon on your hand (for instance, $0.99 each Lucerne Milk”). This distinction is important because Safeway allows you to stack a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon – and this still holds true when dealing with Just4U clipless coupons. As you might imagine, you may NOT stack a manufacturer e-coupon with a paper manufacturer coupon. Got it? Good!

Personalized Deals: this section also contains unique-to-you deals and prices. And in many cases, you can do the deal an unlimited amount of times! Here’s an example of one that’s showing up for me tonight:

Your Club Specials: these are deals that are generally available to any Club Card holder. Many of these deals are not listed in the ad.

I had the opportunity to test the program in action during our event. Because I don’t have a Smartphone, I was easily able to print out a list of the personalized deals I’d uploaded.

One of the deals I’d loaded was for Franz Buns. My personalized deal was for $1.49. Note that the Club Price is $1.99, so I wouldn’t have known or gotten this deal any other way.

Proudly holding my buns!

I also got to shop with some other fantastic local bloggers – and friends. It’s always a treat hanging with these ladies! (Pictured below Sia from Centsible in Seattle/Thrifty NW Mom and Christy from Thrifty & Thriving/All Things Target).

Checkout was easy! I did use a couple paper coupons, and most of my savings came from the Just4U coupons and discounts. The bottom of the receipt will display your savings, so you can verify it to ensure everything came off correctly.

What I particularly appreciated is that my personalized deals included grocery basics and hard-to-save-on items such as organic produce.

Sharing my feedback with Safeway Execs following our trip

It was such a well put-on event by Safeway and a nice opportunity to hang out with like-minded, professional bloggers! Here’s the entire gang!

Where's Waldo?

These ladies have become such friends of mine over the past few years and helped keep my blogging journey from staying an exclusively online, isolated one. What talented, spunky, and wonderful people these gals are! (Pictured: Heather from Because More is More, Heather from Queen Bee Coupons, Amber from Coupon Connections, yours truly, Karrie from Happy Money Saver and Sia from Centsible in Seattle/Thrifty NW Mom).

Our event also included media coverage!

Missed the news spot? You can check it out at the Komo News website. I think my pals Amber and Heather did a good job!

If you’ve not done so yet, I encourage you to register your Safeway Club Card for the Just4U program. Then make sure to pop in every Wednesday to check for new deals and load them to your card!

Enter the Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Just4U, I’ve teamed with some of the bloggers that attended the event to offer a lucky winner a $100 Safeway gift card and the following items to help you save even more:

Couponizer which Includes:

The Couponizer® is a complete set of tools designed to make saving money easy. It has 18 pockets for grocery coupons, 6 pockets for other coupons such as Restaurants, Retail, Rewards, 2 shopping pockets (Coupons to be used this shopping trip & Checkout), 3 loyalty card card sleeves, metal spiral bind, elastic closure strap, durable plastic covers.

  • 1 Shopping List pad – 20 tear off sheets/cardboard backing.
  • 1 CoupTracker pad – 15 tear off sheets/cardboard backing for record spending and savings by store.
  • 1 CoupStacker – pre-sorting cards used to organize coupons. The CoupStacker matches the category pockets so you can sort easily as you clip. Then place your categories in the Couponizer pockets.
  • 1 Carrying Bag – clear zippered vinyl bag.
  • 1 pair of scissors.

Value $19.99

Canvas Mini Tote:

The Canvas Mini Tote measures 9″ tall (12.5″ with handles), 9″ long and 4″ wide and is only available in green. It has a nice size front pocket to hold stuff too. The picture isn’t accurate, the tote is one inch taller than The Couponizer (thats to the edge of the tote bag without the handles). Value: $12.95


  • Coupons included are: Paper Products, Household Supplies, Hygiene, Beauty, Health Care, Baby and Food. $100.00+ worth!
  • Free Product Coupons: (3) Vosko and Crunch Greek Yogurt (any flavor), (1) International Delights Iced Coffee Half Gallon (any flavor),
  • (1) Bottle Purex Triple Action Laundry Detergent and (1) Box of Honey Bunches of Oats (any flavor).

Feeling lucky? Enter to win this awesome prize pack by filling out the Rafflecopter form below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Safeway and the bloggers have teamed to offer the prize for the winner. No compensation was offered to me to host this post or provide my review of the event. For more information on how this blog makes or does not make money, please visit my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Teresa S says

    Please don’t forget about those of us who choose not to Facebook or Twitter. Only 1 chance to win while others get 22-something seems wrong about that. :(

    • arussell says

      Thanks for your feedback Teresa. I actually chose to team with other bloggers for this contest – it’s not something I set up on my own and I’ve never done a giveaway jointly like this. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

  2. JS says

    I feel the same way about FB- it’s for connecting with my friends I don’t see much, and I don’t want to clutter it with ads and specials in my feed. Only one entry for me, too :( (But thanks for sharing about Safeway! Love your blog!)

    • arussell says

      I like to hope I don’t clutter folks feeds with “ads” – eek! I’ll try not to take that personally. 😉 Thanks, JS.

  3. Keana says

    I thought I spotted you when I watched the original story on Komo a week or so ago! Perhaps it was the stripes!

  4. Leona says

    I could use some help organizing my coupons.. : ) Really like what Safeway is doing… Never thought I could save more at Safeway than at a super center.

  5. NIcole says

    I am very excited about the contest, but even happier about the event. I have been using just4u for a few years, and it has a lot of glitches. Fortunately they have great customer service, so I arrive with my scribbled on receipt and they always take care of it for me! Yay Safeway, it sounds like they are working on their program. Awesome!

  6. ang says

    I was excited for this program – sounds fantastic! I went over, signed in and got really excited seeing banana’s, bread and cheese so cheap. However the deals are only good in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana :(

    • arussell says

      What state are you in? Maybe I can ask when it’s launching near you! Don’t give up just yet! 😉

      • ang says

        I’m in Alaska …no Safeway but Carrs is owned by them so it may be a long while before its extended here – i’ll keep a look out though for the program arriving here


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