The Thanksgiving Table: Spice it up! (Post #4)

This month I’ve invited you along to help me prepare for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

This week, I decided to tackle a particularly scary area of my kitchen. My spice cabinet. Behold:

It was getting to the point that (1) I couldn’t find what I needed without having to take everything out and (2) I’d usually get hit in the head with a bottle of falling oregano.

I love to cook, and I decided it was high time I got my act together. After being inspired by these posts at Deal Seeking Mom and Delicious Days, I considered my own space, my money, and how I like to cook.

I ended up purchasing a Copco Shelf Organizer and a Copco turntable for about $20 total on Amazon (including shipping).

Next it was time to go through my spices. I found that I had duplicates of many spices, some spices that were expired, and others I needed to get more of. So I headed to WinCo. THE BEST place to buy spices! This is what you’re looking for (thank you, WinCo Foods for the pic & permission):

Buying your spices in bulk like this can help you save money. You buy what you need, when you need it. This is what I bought today:

Bay leaves = $0.04!
Basil = $0.09!
Rosemary = $0.13!
Whole Cloves = $0.54!
Cinnamon Sticks = $0.17!

The small plastic containers were $0.84 each. To fill the bottles, you could use a small funnel, like this:

OR, use this simple trick: cut a whole in a corner of the baggie. Then place the hole inside the jar. Sort of a “makeshift” funnel.

Now I really wanted to run out and buy a bunch of matching bottles, but instead I was resourceful. I had one of those spice racks in the back of my pantry. I pulled the bottles out and used those. I also found some stickers and grabbed a Sharpie to make some labels. Check out the finished project:

I can’t tell you how good I feel when I open this cupboard now! I am so inspired to do all my holiday cooking and baking!

All told, I spent about $25 on the organizers and new spices. It probably took me a couple hours including shopping.

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How are you doing getting ready for Thanksgiving at your house?


  1. krystal says

    The first pic looks like my cabinet! lol
    I wonder if Bed bath and Beyond has that shelf.. I always get 5 dollar off coupons in the mail.
    hum.. I’ll look into and shall have a pretty spice cabinet also :)
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • arussell says

      It’s sure worth giving them a call, Krystal! My sister said she recently bought something similar at Home Depot, too. I like this Copco kind because it has the non-skid on it so stuff won’t slide around.

    • arussell says

      Well I only had so many of the cute glass jars with tin lids. I may slowly replace the other mismatched jars with the plastic Winco ones, but obviously there is no sense of urgency here!

      I do like buying spices in bulk like this though. It just seems like a more cost-effective way to go. $0.04 bay leaves?! HELLO! 😉

    • arussell says

      Thanks for stopping by, Tara! Believe me, I scoured a number of sites for the right solution. This has been perfect!

  2. Kelly says

    To add to your nice and tidy spice cabinet idea, is a suggestion I recently was told by a friend. Buy small baskets and group like spices together. Like italian spices, backing spices, etc. So then you can pull out the basket you need when you are cooking without rifling through the cabinet looking for the right spices.

  3. says

    I recently cleaned out my spice cabinet, too. It was a wonderful feeling, and I agree: I’m inspired to bake and cook now that the oregano is not going to fall on my head. :-)
    While I was at it, I cleaned out a few kitchen drawers as well. If you’re interested, this is my post about what I found, with photos of the spice cabinet as well.

  4. Kelley says

    I never realized their bulk spices before – and the prices!!! Thanks Ang!! I just spent WAAAAY too much money on spices these last couple weeks – even with the sales. :( Do they post their expiration dates for each one too? I was thinking that if someone didn’t have labels or didn’t want to buy them, they could always use scotch tape. I think I am going to pick up some of those spice jars for my bulk spices, like Johnny’s. :)


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