Tonight’s LIVE Webcast!

Thanks to everyone who joined me tonight! Here is the 40-minute video. Make some pop-corn, put your feet up, and let’s chat coupons!

As always, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about the webcast. What topics would you like to see covered? Do you have ideas for me? Please leave a comment or email me at thecouponproject at hotmail dot com.


  1. lacey says

    fANTASTIC information…..!!!!! loved each bit of it…esp the tactics that store used to sell stuff ….my fav was the anti clockwise one as I realised that the Albies & safeway I go to has the similar layout….will try going clockwise next time……Also i have to agree that Albertson rocks when it comes to coupons: the staff is coupon educated :) i almost stopped going to safeway (except for ben & jerrys promo)as I had so many bad coupon experience there but yes love albies…..
    Thank you so much for all this information….Deeply appreciate your efforts and time that you put in…….TC

  2. Julie says

    I loved this edition/episode/lesson/session . . . (I don’t know what to call it).
    Two tips I usually share with beginners are to shop with a calculator and to shop with cash.
    Use the calculator to keep a running total so you can stay within the amount you have budgeted for this particular shopping trip (or week). If you’ve prepared a list and allowed a little wiggle room, using the calculator makes everything you put in your cart a conscious decision.
    Shopping with cash is also a great way to make sure you don’t overspend. If you’ve budgeted yourself $xx, don’t take a penny more into the store with you. If you don’t have it with you, you can’t spend it.

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