Local store turkey deal price comparison

Looking for a good deal on turkeys? Check out this post (updated weekly) which rounds up the best turkey prices at lots of different stores, including Albertsons, Costco, Fred Meyer, QFC, Safeway, Target, Trader Joe’s and WinCo!


As I predicted, we’re starting to see an uptick on the turkey deals! I was able to confirm the deals for QFC tonight and the details for Fred Meyer’s deal was released in today’s ad. It’s possible we’ll see a couple more trickle in, but I thought I’d share these deals now for those interested in scoping out the best turkey deal.


$0.39/lb with $25 grocery purchase (excluding turkey)
Turkey must be 16 lbs or greater, frozen
Limit 1 per family

$0.59/lb for turkeys under 16 lbs
(This may not be on their ad until Tuesday, but it is effective NOW in stores!)

Fred Meyer:

Spend $150, get a free turkey
Spend $100, get a $0.49/lb turkey
Spend $50, get a $0.69/lb turkey
With in-ad coupon, 10-23 lb frozen turkey, some exclusions, limit 1
(More details, see today’s Fred Meyer post

Top Food & Drug:

$0.29/lb with $25 grocery purchase (excluding turkey)
Turkey must be 16 lb or greater, frozen
(See ad for more details)


Summit/Tukwila Trading:

$19.99 for a ham, get holiday meal for free, including 3 lb boneless Butterball turkey
(more details, see my original post


Get a cheap turkey when you spend $50 on groceries. The turkey’s price IS included in your $50 total. I believe a reader shared that the price was right around $0.29/lb, but please don’t quote me on that.

(more details, see my post on WinCo’s holiday food matching)


$0.99/lb turkey with $50 purchase.
(more details, see this week’s Safeway post)


Save $5 on your next purchase when you buy a Butterball turkey and four participating Nestle products.

Hmmm. My vote for this year?

Top Food & Drug! QFC is a strong runner up though – and worth considering as well. 


  1. opaque1997 says

    So….what about data after or late Thursday? I’m doing a “redo” this year..so I don’t NEED a Turkey until Thursday/ Friday…and I could even do my redo Saturday or Sunday. Are prices likely to drop?

  2. Christine says

    In the greater Phoenix area the deals on turkeus this year are very similar to years. This is a departure from years past when we were able to get those prices without a minimum purchase and a limit of 2 turkeys per purchase. We were able to stock up on meat at a price that would make a lot of economical meals. It also allowed us to buy turkeys to donate to turkey drives in the community.

  3. CG says

    Was at Safeway last night… in-store signage said turkeys are at a reduced price with larger purchases, and free with $150 purchase. Although it would have been tough for me to ring up $150 in purchases, since there wasn’t much on sale in the meat or produce dept. this week.

  4. Tina says

    On our Albertsons doubler sheets (Oregon) they are advertising turkey for $.27/lb with additional $50 purchase (limit 1)- I did this and a close to 19 lb turkey was just over $5.00!

  5. Erin says

    I also bought my turkey last night at Albertson’s (Tacoma) and with a $50 purchase it was just $.31 being just over $5.00! And the price of the turkey was included in the $50 order. WAY better than the other deal of getting a $5 catalina and $3 off.

  6. Annie says

    Is there any confirmation that Top Foods deal is BEFORE coupons? QFC is for sure before coupons – and if Top is AFTER coupons then QFC would be my first choice.. anyone?

  7. Lisa says

    Pretty sure it is going to be after coupons. I bought one last week and thought I had just barely $25…ended up about 75 cents short and the cashier had me add on a candy bar…she was looking at the “grand total” after she hit the total button. Side note: even with $25 purchase, it rang up at 49 cents a pound, not 29 and it was a hassle to fix. Both she and the manager were pretty rude about it and initially told me I had the wrong turkey and should go back and get the right one. I came back with the sign from their display and they adjusted the price, but were visibly annoyed about it. Sure makes me love my Albertson’s even more!!


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