Walgreens ads help clarify coupon and Register Reward policy

A month ago, I shared how paying attention to Rite Aid's ads can help you understand their coupon policy more.

Good news! I found some lovely examples of the same thing in recent Walgreens ads and I wanted to share them with you.

Exhibit A. Using manufacturers' coupons with store coupons.

Not only has this ad clearly instructed us to "use your P&G brandSaver coupons with these Walgreens offers," they've gone so far as to include an image of this weekend's ad. This way, there's no excuses for NOT coming to Walgreens with your coupons!

This is a particularly helpful ad. It shows you that you can use the manufacturer coupons with: 1) a Walgreens in-ad coupon, 2) a Register Reward deal, and 3) sale prices.

PS. Don't mind my handwritten notes. That was for putting together my Walgreens deal post that week and I only realized after the fact I wanted to clip this for sharing with you later. DOH.

Exhibits B & C. Using coupons on Register Reward deals.

Why oh why does this seem to be a problem? If the Register Rewards transaction goes awry, often couponers are blamed for using coupons on the deal. Now, couponers CAN most certainly screw the thing up. You can use too many coupons or you can try to roll a Register Reward on the same deal and it will error out. But using a razor coupon on a razor Register Reward deal? Shouldn't screw up. And if it does, well, you'll have this handy ad to present to the cashier or manager for clarification.


No, this wasn't a mistake, because I found another one in a different week's ad.


So what do you do if your Register Reward doesn't print? Of course, try to work it out at the store. Make sure you purchased the correct item and/or quantity. (I for one have messed this up before.) If things can't be resolved, you can either 1) return the item right then and there or 2) call 1-888-8COUPONS for assistance. This is the Catalina Marketing company – the ones responsible for those things printing out in the first place. I have called them about a half dozen times since couponing and every time they've come through for me. 

Has this been helpful? If you want to read more about what I've written on Register Rewards, you can go here, here and here. (That should keep you busy for awhile!) You can also read and print Walgreens Coupon Policy FAQs.

Happy shopping!

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