Welcome to September! What’s on sale, and what to expect

I LOVE September and I love fall. It’s pretty much my favorite time of year! September now will also mean school time in our family. I sent my little guy to Kindergarten today (isn’t he cute)?

I wanted to share some thoughts on what I think we’ll be finding on sale this month.

  • Soup and chili. I noticed the first of the Campbell’s coupons a couple weeks ago. I expect these to increase throughout the fall and then winter months. I like to stock up on soup at $0.50 a can (for creams, tomato, chicken noodle). Occasionally, you may find a stronger deal than that too.
  • Granola bars, fruit snacks. Think back to school lunch items. Watch for both coupons and sales.
  • Hot dogs. It is Labor Day, and I would consider this a last chance to stock up on hot dogs and buns (to freeze) if you eat them. It may be awhile before we see those deals again.
  • Pasta and pasta sauce. Personally, I have ENOUGH pasta from all the sales we’ve seen this year, but I anticipate we may see some deals on sauce this month too.
  • Cleaning products. Some like to do fall cleaning and organizing, so watch for sales on items on that theme (think brands like Glade, Lysol, Rubbermaid).

Of course, please remember these are my best guesses based on previous years’ sales. Things may change! For more ideas, please get your free Store Sales Cycle Download.

What’s Happening at The Coupon Project

As usual, I have lots of ideas for the month ahead. Here are a few things to watch for.

  • Live webcast. Mark your calendars for Monday, September 12th 8pm PST. This month’s theme: saving money without coupons. How can you save money on things you need in the absence of coupons? Or, what if you just need a break here and there – what you do to still save money? I will be addressing these and other questions. I will remind you as we get closer.
  • Back-to-school lunches. Next week, I’ll be running reader school lunch & snack recipes. Get inspired to send your kids with healthy, yet yummy food ideas!
  • Cozy up to Fall Giveaway Week! Later this month, I’ll be launching a WEEK LONG of giveaways of all things fall inspired. If you love fall decor and fall treats, you won’t want to miss it!
I would love to hear what else you think we may find on sale this month or topics you’d like to see covered in September.


  1. Lori says

    What a handsome dude! My favorite part of each new school year is the fresh smiling faces of the cutie-patootie Kindergartners Ü.


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