What are Albertsons double coupons and how do they work?

Several of you have recently asked “What are these Albertsons double coupons I’m hearing about?”

And I realized I’ve never done a post exclusively on the subject. Until today.

Land of No Doubles

A little preface. In many parts of this fine country, grocery stores will “double” manufacturers coupons automatically at checkout. So if you have a $0.50 off coupon, it will work out to $1 off at checkout. The manufacturer will reimburse the store $0.50 (the stated value of the coupon), and the store will give the customer the additional $0.50 discount as part of their cost in doing business. Sometimes, stores will even have these “coupon tripling” events. I can only dream…

If you live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest like I do, you live in a place couponers refer to as the Land of No Doubles (or LOND, for short). This means grocery stores in our neck of the woods ordinarily do not double coupons.

There are a few exceptions that I’m aware of:

Kmart. They occasionally will include Washington in their double coupon events, but it has been a long, long time.
Safeway. Safeways in Oregon and SW Washington may double coupons. Not the Safeways in my area, though.
Summit/Tukwila Trading. These sister stores (in Puyallup and Tukwila) generally put out two double coupons in their weekly ad.
Albertsons. About once every other week, Albertsons will put out three double coupons in the ad that runs in the Sunday paper.

Albertsons “Twice the Value” Coupons

Now that you have a little context, let me show you what these puppies look like:


As mentioned, the most common place to find these is the one-page Albertsons flyer in your Sunday paper. At Albertsons, the weekly sale cycle runs from Wednesday through Tuesday. This means that the double coupons are generally good three days only: from Sunday through Tuesday.

Less commonly, we might see double coupons in the weekly ad. If that’s the case, they’d be good for seven days. Even less commonly, I’ve seen the double coupons in the main section of the paper, run as an ad. Regardless, I do a pretty good job of letting you know if we’re going to be getting them and if so, where to find them.

Finally I should mention these coupons get lots of names. They are officially called “Twice the Value” coupons, but I may often refer to them as “double coupons” or “doublers.” Bottom line, if you hear me mentioning getting your coupons doubled at Albertsons, this is exactly what I’m referring to.

How Double Coupons Work at Albertsons

It’s quite simple, actually. First, you must have the double coupons in hand. If you don’t get the Sunday paper, rest assured you can often find these flyers at Customer Service of your local Albertsons. There are usually three, but a couple weeks ago, we got four.

Next, take ANY manufacturer coupon you wish (up to $1 in value) and you are going to “pair” it with a double coupon.

Let’s take a real-life example from last week’s Albertsons list, shall we?

Keebler Graham Cracker Pie Crust $0.99
$1/3 printable coupon
Use a double coupon
Bottom line: $0.33 each

The pie crusts were $0.99 each. I shared with you a manufacturer’s printable coupon that would save you $1 when you bought three. So if you would’ve selected this deal, you would’ve headed to checkout with the following: three pie crusts, the $1/3 printable coupon, and one of the “Twice the Value” coupons.

The $1/3 printable coupon is from the manufacturer. Albertsons will submit this to them (in this case, Keebler) for reimbursement. The $1 from the double coupon is a discount the store is giving you.

Fine Print Stuff

You know I’m not going to leave out the fine print, right?

  • Coupons that are $1.01 or more cannot be doubled.
  • Stores are now doubling coupons even if they read “do not double.” This is because the store is choosing to give you the discount. They will not be asking the manufacturer to reimburse them more than the stated value.
  • “Buy one, get one free” coupons cannot be doubled.
  • Those great “off your next order” Catalina coupons cannot be doubled.
  • The coupons state “limit three per family shopping trip.” It’s each store’s perogative to define what that means. Some stores interpret that to mean you can only use three double coupons per day. Other stores interpret it more as “three per transaction” and will permit you to do multiple transactions. I ALWAYS ask.

So there you have it – Albertsons double coupons! Are they worth getting to understand? Absolutely in my book! These are one of the ways I end up snagging cheap – and even free – groceries.

By the way, we are getting double coupons this weekend. Check out my deals list for the week and see what you can snag for free!


  1. Joanna says

    Do they allow overage via the double coupon, which would technically be paying for other groceries on that transaction? Such as if you bought:

    1 milk for $2.00
    1 Trident gum for $1.09
    $1/1 Trident MQ
    1 double coupon

    Is that okay?

    • arussell says

      According to the fine print: “Total coupon redemption cannot exceed price of item.”

      Technically, they should’ve given you $0.09 value on the double coupon.

  2. carolyne says

    thank you so much for your easy to read site. as a side note: did you see todays groupon in tacoma? 3 tix to pump it up for $9!

  3. Rayann A. says

    I don’t know if this is in all areas but in the Salem, Or area the twice the value coupons are numbered and you have to use them in order… you can not use two that are marked #2, or a #1 and a #3.. You can use a 1,2,3 or a 2,3 etc… I ran into this last week :( Just don’t cut the coupons and you should be fine;)

  4. Holly Lynn says

    Is there a limit to how many doublers I can use in one transaction? I was told last night only three per transaction and am wondering if that is the policy? Thanks!

    • arussell says

      Yes it is three. 😉 As stated in my post, some stores may permit you to do a second transaction, or even a third.

      I always ask, and honor the store’s particular wishes.

  5. Vee says

    Do you have any idea why Safeway has doubles in Southwest WA and not further north (such as Tacoma-Seattle and farther north? I have written to them three times since August but can’t get an answer. Customer service hands it over to Marketing and I guess they file it in the ever popular circular file.

  6. SS says

    My albertsons says that it is ok to double any coupon (even over $1), they will just “double” it to $1…and i have had numerous cashiers do this, not just a specific one…

    • arussell says

      That is going to be an individual store’s perogative. The fine print does in fact state that coupons $1.01 or greater are not eligible. So if your store is doing it, they are going against what the coupon states. Again – it’s up to their discretion, but I can’t say that that will work for everyone. 😉

      May be worth asking about though!

  7. Kim says

    When is the earliest time/day that customer service will have the doublers available each week for those of us that don’t get the paper? I assume they run out quickly?

    • arussell says

      Actually, it seems like they DON’T run out too bad! (Knocks on wood.) I’ve gone in on a Monday or even a Tuesday before and gotten them. I don’t think it’s like the run on Safeway Thanksgiving Coupon Booklets we’ve been seeing. 😉

  8. Janna Santos says

    Thank you for your explaination on ‘double coupons’ because I’m new to couponing so I’m trying to learn everything there is to know! And you are correct, Safeway here in Vancouver, WA does offer double coupons and it must be because we fall under the Portland, OR market as we do for most things. Thanks again for all your help so far!

  9. says

    I used to live in California and I used to use double and sometimes triple coupons at a store called Alpha Beta. Its about time we started to do it up here in Washington.

  10. Sara says

    I’m new to couponing (started April 17th!) and was wondering how people stock up with a limit of 3 coupons per transaction or even per visit???? If I could get a food staple that would last for free or close to it, I would want to get enough to last me until it came on sale again. And, if there were a few items that were at deep discount with the doubler it seems I could be making a million trips or transactions just to get the deal. Albertson’s seems to be most peoples favorite store for couponing, but I don’t see how if it’s so inconvenient to stockpile when you get a great price.

    Sorry for the long post, I’m just finding it hard to get much food to stock up on….but I have a million razors and toothbrushes already lol.

  11. Camille Hughes says

    I have the same question as Sara…I asked at my recent visit to Albertsons if I buy all the the same item if the doubler will work on all the like items or just one…they said just one. Anyone else get told any different?

  12. Robyn Davis says

    Ok, Ive been looking at ways to learn how to save money, lost my job and have kids.. I need help, this whole coupon thing is soo confusing, any advise will be well taken.

  13. lauren says

    Help! If it says they won’t “double” the value on a coupon $1.01 or more, will they still give the max value of $1.00??
    Ex: Cpn says: $1.50 OFF 1 item, with the TTV, $2.50?? Help!!

  14. Daisy pena says

    Hello my daisy from palmdale ca. One ? Um i have sum coupons from redplum.com. Can i use tham at the store too. Cuz this is my frist time doing it. Cuz im low of money and so hard. And allso im not working. I just a income come in.

  15. Vivian says

    i would love to learn how to do coupon shopping can you explain alittle more for me, i be watching extreme couponing and it’s just unbelieveable.

  16. Juanita says

    I’ve been watching a marathon of Extreme Couponing and I have a question. I live in Vancouver, Wa and our nearby Albertson’s and Safeway stores only double three of your manufacturers coupons…..so where the heck do these extreme couponers shop because their register view often indicates multiple double coupon deductions…not just three! No wonder their savings add up so quickly and enormously! Just wondering. Thanks for your informative website!

    • Angela Russell says

      First off, I should state that I do not endorse or condone the TLC show Extreme Couponing in any way. I have been asked to participate and promote the show before, but have declined both “opportunities.” I feel the show depicts unrealistic and sometimes fraudulent practices – some of which have negatively impacted things for the couponing community.

      What you’ve noticed is exactly what has upset other viewers = that the stores have fudged normal coupon acceptance policies & procedures in order to accommodate the TV show. What you have is a “wow” shopping trip that no one else would be able to reproduce. As you’ve stated, Albertsons permits three double coupons and three transactions back to back (as of this posting). The Safeways near me don’t even double coupons (I’m a bit north of you), so I can’t speak to that.

      If you stick around my site, I won’t teach you how to do “Extreme Couponing,” but I will teach you how to coupon in a way that’s realistic for the long term, respects your time, honors store coupon policies, and follows fine print. I offer a common sense approach to couponing and one that you can feel good about at the end of the day.

      I’m so glad you found my site, and I hope this answers your question.

  17. Tina Casto says

    Hello all,

    I live in Spanaway WA and I have not seen any Twice the Value coupons in forever. Have they stopped doing this?

    • Angela Russell says

      Yes it’s been a long, long time. Since they changed ownership, I’m not sure we’ll be seeing them again anytime soon.


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