Introducing Safeway’s NEW Just4U Program (and get a dozen FREE eggs)!

You might have heard about Safeway’s new Just4U program, or wondered what it’s about.

To get started, you will need to register at If you already have a Safeway Club Card account, you can do this by entering in your Card number, or the phone number associated with your account. (It’s easy.)

Once logged in, you’ll be able to get personalized deals and access to e-coupons you can load to your card. These update every Wednesday, so you can check back every week to see what’s new. (Fitting, since today IS Wednesday!)

When I clicked on the “Personalized Deals” check out what I found:

All you need to do is click “Add” and the offer will be automatically loaded to your card! Buy the item and present your card at checkout for the discount and/or special prices.

Make sure to register your Safeway Club Card, or sign up for a new Just4U account so you can get a FREE dozen eggs at registration!

What do you think about Safeway?

Tomorrow, I’ll be attending a blogger event hosted by Safeway to discuss more how the Just4U account works. If you have any questions or feedback about this program, or ideas you’d like me to share, please leave a comment and I will do my best to share those tomorrow!

Also, you might have noticed that I’ve not posted Safeway deals regularly here on the blog for the past few months. Crystal from Frugal Chic Living had been doing them faithfully for me, but needed to step back due to family commitments (I get that, totally!). Anyhow, I’m curious to know – do you/did you use these matchups? Do you regularly shop at Safeway? What issues (if any) have you encountered with using coupons or finding the stock you need at Safeway stores? I’d love your candid feedback.


  1. Kari says

    our store in Happy Valley has cashiers who are so scared of printed coupons (saying it nicely) the other night I went in for “Ritz / Chips Ahoy” deal and the cashier said “We don’t take photo copied coupons” I stated to him that this was an internet printed coupon from and he said “if it was a real coupon it would be two sided” really? I kindly told him that was not true, returned the 2 items and left the store. I will drive 5 miles to a friendlier store.
    Safeway needs training for their Cashiers. I think they should all have to use Coupons dot com or any other printable site so they know how it works. I am still upset / offended that basically in front of a full check out area (4 check stands backed up 4 people deep) he basically called me a thief and a fraud.
    Training. That is what Safeway needs.
    Good Luck

  2. Tera says

    In our town we have a Thriftway and a Safeway, that’s it. The next closest town is 13 miles away. The other towns are 20-30 where I do “bigger” shopping trips; so I do 80% of my grocery shopping at Safeway. The other is done if/when I get out of town to Costco, Winco or Fred Meyer. I LOVE Safeway! I find great deals there all the time. I especially love the new Just4U program. I love the markdowns I find in the dairy/meat section all the time. The cashiers/management at our Safeway are fantastic in dealing with coupons. Just yesterday I ran back to customer service because my organic yellow onions (.69/lb) rang up as organic vine tomatoes (2.99/lb) I asked the lady to refund the difference since these obviously were not tomatos and she refunded me the WHOLE amount for my trouble of having to come back in the store because *they* made a mistake. So even though I wasn’t expecting that at all, I thought it was awesome they wanted to correct their mistake that much. In the last year, I’ve only had to get a raincheck on 2 items I truly wanted! There is always great stock, even when it’s a coupon/good sale item.

  3. says

    I quit SW coupon shopping when they quit doing the big ecoupon site….geez, I can’t even remember the name of it now. . I just didn’t have the motivation to learn new rules, and I couldn’t justify the prices.

    I do still shop their on occasion, but I rarely do big trips.

    Maybe I’ll start doing more with this new program. It looks like a good one, and I’ve been jealous of other areas with it for a while!

    I really feel for the cashiers….I hear they get in trouble if they goof-up, and with the rules and programs changing so much, I can’t imagine the pressure! Looking forward to your report!

    • arussell says

      Yes, Maegen – I hear you. I can imagine it’s a fine line a cashier walks – wanting to have good customer service but also wanting to make sure they aren’t costing their store money by passing fraudulent coupons!

      I look forward to the event tomorrow and will definitely share what I learn!

  4. Dorothy says

    I have been a loyal Safeway shopper in CA for 30 years. I am not impressed with the Just for You program. I faithfully look and add the offers. Thankfully, I also print out my list, because the in store prices often do not match. Worst of all, the FREE offers are rarely offered in my store. I would say that 75% of the time the FREE offer of the week is not carried in my store and I live near San Francisco and I think Safeway is head quartered in CA. When I go to customer service to have them correct pricing, I am on a first name basis with the people there. The good thing is if you are charged the wrong price and mention the “scanning guarantee” they are supposed to refund you the money under $5 and give you the item for free. It is just very time consuming and frustrating. Even customer service people told me they check their own receipts for errors. That is wrong! I’ve called customer service and it continues to happen.

    • arussell says

      OK just posed this question in our meeting. What they were curious to know – are you seeing the FREE offers when you log in? Or, are you just hearing/seeing bloggers post about them? If you see them on your site, they should be available to you. However, specific to the Bay area – some of the stores are smaller and may not offer the products that are free – in which case you might need to visit a slightly bigger Safeway store in your area. They encourage you to talk to your local store manager to see what’s going on. Also, feel free to email me personally at angela @ thecouponproject dot com, and the folks here would be happy to dig in & see what’s going on with your account, too.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Leah says

    Although I’ve had some issues w/ coupons at Safeway…(even coupons from the paper not scanning), I really have started shopping there more frequently. I am saving more than going to the supercenter. I typically save about 60% on things we use regularly. The last 2 times I went I had a basket full and paid about $35 each trip. I’ve contacted them in regards to my coupons not working.. I think it’s either a cash register or the cashier. Plus for a while I was on the fast track fuel rewards.. & got $.90 off/gal. Really great considering gas here is over $4/gal.

  6. Kim says

    one thing that has been happening to me at Safeway’s is that if an internet printed coupon won’t scan they won’t take it. This has happened to me several times at different stores. Irritating. the people at Albertsons just enter it manually if it doesnt scan!!

  7. Sheila M. says

    Safeway is my store of choice, both before I started using coupons and now. I have found that Safeway has plenty of stock to accompany their ad flyer (maybe if there is a hot coupon/sale/CAT combo deal, they might run short because they aren’t aware of the unexpected demand) unlike my experience at my local Albertsons that doesn’t seem to have sufficient stock for their own ad sales. In my opinion Safeway has quality produce and meat. I frequent the clearance section in the cheese and meat departments. I also look for markdowns on refrigerated juice and I sometimes find markdowns in the freezer department.

    I believe that one develops store loyalty based on more than just prices. There are several Safeway stores within my ‘taxi mom’ zone and I have a general positive opinion of them all. Individual bad experiences won’t make me stop shopping at Safeway (I had VERY poor customer service experience in the deli one time and I walked straight to customer service and reported her blatant disrespect.) I am constantly being asked “Did you find everything you were looking for?” during my checkout and the produce employees don’t let me by without offering assistance 😀

    I don’t like the portion of their coupon policy that states “Coupons may not be applied against any free item received in any offer” because you cannot use a coupon like $1.00/2 in a B1G1 free sale without purchasing 4 and using one coupon. I do like their gas rewards….I was on the ‘fast track’ too and enjoyed the savings on fuel. I like the spend $75 get a $10 CAT offers although it’s hard to spend that much AFTER coupons and loyalty card savings. I can just bring someone else along (like my dad) and we can buy our groceries together and share the CAT.

    Some may say that Safeway’s regular prices are too high, but I hear that of other stores too. It’s important to know what a ‘good’ price is for the things you buy, whatever those items are, and wherever you shop.

    • Kim says

      I TOTALLY agree with you saying Safeway almost always has stock on hand. I frequently find myself walking out of Albertsons empty handed because the shelves are empty!!

  8. Lisa says

    Safeway’s not my #1 store to shop because it costs more for most items, unless they have a killer loss leader or “perfect storm” of coupons/sales/cats. But, when I have shopped my local Safeway, I’ve been impressed with the service and the stock of sale items. The customer service is fantastic! Having the matchups helps me so much because I know there are great deals to be had…I just need a little help finding them!

  9. Paula says

    I like Safeway WAY better than Albersons. I feel that the people who work there are more helpful, and that Safeway stores are cleaner than Albertsons stores. I also appreciate that Safeway is one of the only grocery stores that actually bakes the products in their bakery from scratch. Stores like Fred Meyer and Albertsons just get all their things in frozen and just bake them off.

  10. Brenda says

    As others have mentioned, I much prefer shopping at Safeway than Albertson’s. The customer service and stock issues are what makes the difference. I have had some issues with certain stores and employees, but overall they are great.
    I love the Just4U program. I have never had any issues with products ringing up with my personalized price and received free eggs and a free Starbucks Refresh drink.
    Also, I’ve participated in their Fast -track gas promo and really hope they continue that program! If I have to make a trip to the store to get some milk or something quick for a meal, I always go to Safeway to help add gas points. I hope enogh other shoppers have used their gas promo that Safeway will see the value of the program and continue it!
    I look forward to hearing how your meeting goes, Angela!

  11. Jennifer Barker says

    I love the new Just 4 U program- no longer necessary to clip coupons- just download onto my card from either my computer OR my iphone ap! Plus they have many manufacturer coupons- although I haven’t checked this yet to see what coupon database they get these from. They told me that it will always apply the best available coupon deal to the card. Plus after you have shopped there several times, it will offer suggested coupons/deals based on your shopping preferences. So cool!
    I have had issues in the past with impatient cashiers however, since this new program makes it easier on them, much better service.
    Last- my Beaverton, OR location will usually have most items in stock- however, the rain check system is fast and easy.

  12. Layna McVay says

    Safeway is my go-to store. I rarely have to get a raincheck, but when I do, the cashiers are quick to provide one without any questions asked. I really like the J4U coupons, it is so easy to add them to my card, and they will often have high-value coupons that I don’t see other places, like $3/Breyers blasts (saw that a couple of times). It really is seemless at checkout. The majority of cashiers that I have had are excited that their customers are saving money with coupons, which is nice because sometimes I feel bad giving them a stack to scan.

    Savings aside, Safeway has a very broad selection of brands and products. I really like their Safeway Select (and other safeway brands) products. I rarely need to go to a second store when I am shopping for ingredients for a new recipe, even when they are gourmet/specialty items.

    Finally, the Safeway’s in our area actively support local charities and community events. It is nice to see businesses and employees giving back to their customers.

  13. Denise says

    Is it just me or do some of these comments seem like they are marketing comments from Safeway? I don’t usually shop at Safeway, but I have one close, so I wouldn’t mind finding out more about saving money there. I feel like their prices are high.

    • Brenda says

      Ha! You’re funny, Denise!
      I just re-read the comments and I agree that they almost sound too good to be true.
      While I can’t validate all of them, I promise the comment I made is true and I’ve never worked for Safeway!
      Also, I find their regular prices to be higher than some other stores. However, if you stick to their sales and bigger loss leaders it is possible to find some really great deals.

      • arussell says

        Also, folks should realize that this is a blog that talks a LOT LOT about grocery stores. This means that I have readers that ARE in fact very passionate about the stores they frequent. If you could go back and dig through old posts & comments, you’d see similar glowing comments left about Grocery Outlet, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, etc. I have some very happy grocery store shoppers out there! 😉

  14. Carolyn says

    thank you for mentioning Crystal. I thought maybe she died – I know that seems overdramatic but when you read someone everyday and then they just disappear without explanation, it leaves you thinking something horrible must have happened. I hope she is okay and her kids and husband are okay and that she is just busy. I’ve thought about her often since her last post and worried about her.


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