What in the world is Swagbucks? And, why should I care?

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It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about Swagbucks.

But I’ve gotten some of my friends and readers asking…so I thought I’d revisit this topic today for your reading pleasure.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a site that offers you rewards (AKA “swag”) in exchange for performing everyday web searches. As you might have guessed, you do need to sign up for a Swagbucks account to do this. Don’t worry; it’s free.

When you do your web searches through Swagbucks (as opposed to Google or Bing), you’ll randomly be awarded swag bucks. Rack up enough of these puppies, and you can redeem them for honest-to-goodness prizes. In my experience, it’s easy to receive at least one swag buck prize award per day for your searches.

There’s a catch, right?

No; there’s not. I’ve been using Swagbucks for close to two years now and can tell you I’ve personally earned and redeemed many Swagbucks.

So what kinds of things can I get?

Mostly gift cards, and some electronic items. There are also collectibles and sales from time to time.

But I’ll tell you what I personally use my Swagbucks for.

$5 Amazon Gift Cards.

These currently take 450 Swagbucks to get, and that takes the average person roughly a month to earn (more on that in a bit). The best part is you can stack Amazon Gift Cards! So when I earn one of these, I add it to my Amazon account so it’s ready to go. And because your Amazon credit never expires, you’re golden.

I also occasionally like to redeem my Swagbucks for $10 Starbucks Gift Cards. This takes a bit more Swagbucks, true, but it’s a nice splurge.

Other tips about Swagbucks?

Here are a few other things you should know before getting started…

1. Check out the Earn Tab on Swagbucks’ site! Learn about other ways for scoring Swagbucks including participating in polls and trading in old electronic equipment.
2. Fridays are Mega Swagbuck Fridays. The Swagbucks awarded on these days may be higher.
3. Conisder installing the toolbar. Sometimes there will be codes for FREE Swagbucks sent to toolbar users!

Ready to get started? Go ahead – give Swagbucks a try!

If you’ve been using Swagbucks for awhile now, what other advice would you have? Has it been worth it for you?


  1. Heather F. says

    I just started using this a month or so ago–what is the story with the surveys? I have been a little reluctant to try without hearing from someone who has done them. Have you had any experiences with these?

      • Melissa says

        I have racked up some awesome points doing the surveys. Definitely fill out the questionnaires so you can be chosen. VERY time consuming but worth it. Visit the survey section daily and receive a swagbuck. I haven’t found myself receiving spam because of this, but I would suggest using an email address you have set up for this stuff!

  2. Monica says

    Has anyone tried printing coupons from SwagBucks and redeeming them for points? Says you can earn 10 points for each coupon and it takes 8 – 12 weeks to credit your account. Looks like it is connected to coupons.com.

  3. Sara says

    How to do you redeem the Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards? I tried to do it once and although the points were deducted the Swagbucks from my account, I never saw anything in my Amazon account or any other place. I’m reluctant to try it again and loose my points again. Help!!! I fallowed the directions. Can someone help? Please…

  4. Sara says

    I’ve tried to redeem my Swagbucks for a Amazon gift card and although it deducted the Swagbucks from my account, I never say any kind of credit in my Amazon account or any where else for that matter. I’m reluctant to try it again and loose my Seagbucks…again. HELP!!! How do you redeem Swagbucks for gift cards? Please…Help…

    • arussell says

      The credit won’t go automatically into your Amazon account! You’ll find it as a gift card saved under your Swagbucks account.

      Redeeming it should have looked like this…

      1. Select the Amazon Gift Card from the Rewards. Place your order.
      2. Open your email account and confirm the purchase was yours.
      3. Generally in a couple weeks you’ll get an email saying you got your prize.
      4. Go into your Swagbucks account and find the code.

      Copy & paste into Amazon.

      I bet you have this sitting in your account right now if you did the above steps!!!

      • Sara says

        It worked and I used my credit to a Amazon deal you posted!!! Woo-Hoo!!! Thank you so much. I have been using Swagbucks for over a year and haven’t redeemed any of them yet. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

        • says

          Just be aware you can only redeem swagbucks for 2 of the same gift in one day and only 5 (i think) in one month. So if you have you Swagbucks stacked up, you might need to spread it our or buy a higher value card (not as good a deal).

  5. Corinne says

    I just discovered something really great today, actually. Under the ‘earn’ tab there is a ‘daily deals’ selection. It had Groupon and LivingSocial deals (and another one I’d never heard of) for my area, if you purchase through their link you get 280 swagbucks automatically. I got one today for my Mom for an early Christmas gift and the 280 kicked me up to being able to get a prize (I got $5 for PayPal, as I really want to buy myself something on Etsy.com)

  6. says

    Swagbucks has a toolbar to make searching easy, but if you are like me, you hate to add more to your IE, Firefox, Chrome. Here is a little tip if you use Firefox: Download an add-on called ‘Add to Search Bar’. Then go to the Swagbucks site and right click on the search bar. You can then add that search to the main search bar in FF. I leave it set to that all the time and it makes it REALLY easy to search and earn bucks!

    Also, they give out codes (or clues to codes) on FB if you are friends with Swagbucks. It’s not a lot, but every bit counts, really!

    • Stephanie says

      Diane, do you have a link for that add on, or know who the author is? I’m so hesitant to download something.



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