When Does Amazon Black Friday Start?

Amazon has announced that it will start its Black Friday sales on November 19th this year – the Monday before the “actual” Black Friday event of Friday, November 23rd. There will be an entire week of hot sales and deals.

I personally adore Amazon for holiday shopping. In many cases you can snag prices lower than you’d find at the big box stores, and without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Here are a few tips for shopping Amazon’s Black Friday (and holiday) sales:

  • Create a Wish List. Did you know you can create a “Wish List” of your favorite products on Amazon? I do this regularly so I can monitor if the prices are going up or down. They’ve even expanded this free offering so you can now add items on ANY website. (PS They are currently running a $2,500 gift card sweepstakes through October 21st when you create a list and add at least one item from another site.)
  • Keep an eye on Gold Box and Lightning Deals. In the thick of holiday shopping season, Amazon will be updating their site with new deals daily – and hourly. Some of these discounts are SO hot they will sell out fast. Pay attention to what’s up and coming, and know your price points so you can move to score a great deal if you find one. You can also subscribe to receive a daily email for the Gold Box deals.
  • Pad your account with Swagbucks. Earn Swagbucks by doing every day web searches – and then redeem them for items such as Amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards are stackable and never expire, so it’s nice to keep your account padded with credit and ready to go for the hot sales! (For more information or to get started, visit Swagbucks.)
  • Consider adding Priceblink. I don’t usually made add-on endorsements, but I really, really stand behind Priceblink. (And for the record NO, they are not paying me to say this. I really do HEART them!) Priceblink has on many occasions helped me understand if a deal is truly a deal on Amazon….or not. When you’re shopping online and Priceblink finds a better deal or coupons you can use, it will alert you. Otherwise, the toolbar stays hidden. It’s been an invaluable help to me as a blogger too – many times I’ve been swayed by the 50% on Amazon only to see Priceblink pop up and I realize Amazon had inflated their “regular retail” price to make it seem like a bargain. (Watch my short YouTube video on how Priceblink works.)

A quick heads up: once Black Friday and holiday shopping season hits, you may see an uptick in Amazon deals I share here. I do this in an effort to help people find good bargains and cross off items on their holiday shopping list. Once the holidays are over, my posts will go back to normal schedule.

As far as Black Friday goes in general? I don’t have a plan yet for this year, but I will say I think Black Friday is largely a gimmick to get you to part with your hard-earned money on stuff you hadn’t planned on buying. I do know many of you enjoy shopping the sales (and are smart about it!) and I will likely share some notables for you. As for me? I’m thinking of sleeping in on November 23rd!

I’d love to hear from you: what other tips do you have for scoring the best deals on Amazon around the holidays? Do you shop Black Friday or prefer Cyber Monday? Any ideas or suggestions for what you’d find helpful on The Coupon Project for Black Friday?


  1. jolene says

    We have been shopping mostly online. The only Black Friday sale we go to is the one at Fred Myer because they have good deals on socks and free donuts. I’m not a fan of getting up in the middle of the night to stand outside in a in the dead of winter waiting to get into a packed store (especially Toys R Us). I’m a shop from home with coco and slippers kinds gal. I got a lot of my “filler” toys at the Christmas in July sale at Target. We just need a couple big gifts. This year we decided to spend the bulk of our money on memory makers like Zoo Lights. I figure they won’t remember the toys they got at 3 and 5 but might have a memory of going to the zoo at night. We will at least have a picture.

    Do you know when the toy sale in Fife is this year? A friend of mine went last year and did really well.

    Don’t forget about Savings Star for Amazon gift cards.


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