Target Toy Clearance: Expected to Hit 70% Tomorrow

(Pictured above: toys I scored at 75% off at Target a couple years ago)

I know many you love knowing when the Target toy clearance drops to 70%. This happens twice a year, in January and July, though I suppose like anything it could change at any time!

Last week I shared that many toys have been moved to 50% off and that I suspected we’d see them hit 70% this week. Usually, markdowns take place in the toy department on Thursday which would mean specifically – tomorrow, January 10th should be our date. I wanted to remind you of that, as well as share a few tips for how to shop this sale:

  • This is not a “sale” in that it’s not advertised. Some people think that this is such a great deal, it might be advertised. No, it’s not an advertised deal of any sort, just a timing thing eager bargain-hunters have tapped into.
  • Clearance events may vary by store. It’s not at all uncommon for stores to clearance their departments on slightly different schedules. Selection can vary GREATLY from store to store too. I’ve heard of folks trying to shop a couple different Target stores when toys hit 70% off clearance.
  • Check Sporting Goods, too. One time I was disappointed in the toy selection only to find some CRAZY hot deals in sporting goods. It’s quite possible that it follows a similar schedule.
  • Price scanner is your friend. Sometimes the discounts may be in effect before the stickers/signs have been swapped out. If you see a 50% off sign and you’re hearing reports of the clearance event happening, try scanning it – you might find it’s been at 70%.
  • LOTS of people watch for this markdown to happen. In other words, be prepared to compete. The minute you suspect your store has gone on clearance you must go. The stores usually wipe out pretty quickly. If this sort of stresses you out, pass. That, or say a prayer for patience and grab a latte out the door.
Personally? I think just as good deals happen elsewhere and I no longer rely on this sale. I think Fred Meyer’s toy clearance sales can be every bit as good, and not many people know about them (SHHHH. Don’t tell anyone, OK?). Around the holidays, Amazon and Kohl’s can have crazy awesome prices on toys. While this can be a fun sale to shop, please don’t get discouraged if you’re not able to make it or if your store is cleaned out by the time you get there. Trust me, there will be other deals and other sales.

For more information, you might wish to see what toys I scored on clearance at Target as well as these toys I scored on clearance at Target.

Even more helpful, in my opinion, is this webcast where Christy of the sites All Things Target and Thrifty & Thriving shares her wealth of knowledge on how to save money at Target, including how Target’s clearance works and tips for shopping Target sales.

Thanks for the heads up, Frugal Living NW!


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