WinCo Turkey Prices & Thanksgiving Food Price Matching

WInCo Foods will Beat All Grocery Chain Store Advertised Prices

Once again, WinCo is promising to beat all grocery chain store advertised food prices on select holiday items starting November 12th and running through Thanksgiving! These items include:

  • Fresh Green Beans
  • Fresh Celery
  • Dozen Large Eggs
  • Libby’s Canned Pumpkin
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce
  • Lindsay Large Pitted Olives
  • Whipping Cream
  • Sara Lee Frozen Pumpkin Pie
  • Cool Whip
  • US No. 1 Fresh Yams
  • WinCo Foods’ Brown & Powdered Sugar
  • WinCo Foods Brown & Serve Rolls

For details on this promotion, please visit WinCo’s website. You may also find your store carrying flyers, as mine did (pictured above).

WinCo will beat all grocery chain store advertised Turkey Prices

Additionally, WinCo has announced that they will beat all grocery chain store advertised turkey prices November 12th through Thanksgiving!

Here are the particulars of this promotion, from their website:

  • Low price with $50 purchase. WinCo’s promotion includes the cost of turkey and this is an important distinction. This means if the cost of the turkey works out to $7, you’d only have to spend $43 elsewhere in the store for the deal.
  • Frozen Grade A Turkeys only.
  • Butterball Turkeys excluded
  • Limit 1 per family.

Remember, WinCo stores are going to vary from store to store on their individual prices and specials. In years past, I’ve had readers report a wide-range of turkey deals at WinCo.

Here’s what I found at my Federal Way store this morning:

DSCN6694 (Medium)
They had frozen turkeys priced at just $0.63/lb! According to the flyer above, it appears you’d have to purchase $50 to get the price (including the turkey), though the signage doesn’t have that added. When I was in the store, they were just unloading TONS of turkeys so there’s a great selection right now.

How does this deal stack up? Currently, this is the best price on a turkey I’ve seen so far. Granted, we’re still early in the season, but I think this is a very solid deal. Safeway and Albertsons have both announced free turkey deals in this week’s ad, but those require $150 purchases. They are also offering $0.68/lb frozen turkeys with a $50 minimum purchase, so WinCo’s deal seems to be in direct response to that. For more details, please see my Turkey Round-up post.

Incidentally, WinCo also was selling frozen Butterball turkeys for $0.93/lb which I consider a solid deal for Butterball!

Planning a trip? Please see the WinCo deals post we shared earlier this week. There are lots of additional deals to help you round out your Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. Clara says

    any idea what they’re going to do with the Albertson’s BOGO? I would prefer to shop at WinCo, but I actually need 2 turkeys so Albertson’s BOGO seems best.

    Your professional advice?

    • Angela Russell says

      I asked – here’s what I was told:

      “It has to be a similar offer – BOGO, buy $xxx get a free turkey, etc. do not qualify. Our stores will however be watching prices at all stores that we consider competition very closely to ensure we’re offering the best deal. “

      • clara says

        thank you for the clarification. makes sense to me!

        do you know what WinCo’s price per pound is for a turkey? if I read the ad right, Albertson’s turkeys are 99c per pound (before BOGO).

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