10 Delicious Finds from my Trader Joe’s Shopping Trip

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I always look forward to shopping at Trader Joe’s in the fall – that’s when you’ll find all the pumpkin and holiday treats! I decided to pay a trip with my daughter today to see what we could find. While we didn’t see tons of pumpkin things (I bet those will come in late September – early October), I did spy a few noteworthy things to share with you!

Here they are, in no particular order.

I love Trader Joe’s greeting cards! They are always cute, and just $0.99 each. I loved this one with a sloth on it, but couldn’t think of who to give it to! Probably should’ve bought it anyways and hung onto it until the moment arose.

Chunky Apple Cinnamon Bread for $3.99. This looked fantastic!

Fruit crumble cakes for $6.99. There are a few different flavors like manyberry apple pie & rhubard and apple.

Pumpkins Chai Spice Loaf for $3.99. This was one temptation that did make its way into our cart! I will have to let you know what we think after we try it.

I don’t recall ever seeing this pizza crust before, but I had to try it! It’s $3.49 for a 2-pack.

Black Figs for $4.49. I love fresh figs! I’m envisioning throwing them on one of those pizza crusts. How else do you like to use up fresh figs?

I flipped when I saw rambutan! I love these fun-looking fruits and they don’t often sell them at grocery stores (except for Asian grocery stores). If you’ve never tried them, you should. They are such a treat! You remove the skins and they also have a pit. They remind me of a very large grape.
This new salad looked amazing! It’s a yellow curry chopped salad. It has naan chips, cashews, golden raisins & yellow curry ginger lime vinaigrette. I did end up buying this one, too. I’m thinking it will make for a good lunch.

OK this totally captured my daughter’s attention! Squid ink spaghetti. I bet this would make a fun Halloween treat, but we didn’t buy it.

Dried hibiscus flowers for $1.99. Another item that caught my eye, but we didn’t end up buying. Definitely intrigued though!


I’d love to know if you have tried any of these treats? What else have you been eating lately from Trader Joe’s that we all need to know about?