15 LEGO Storage Ideas

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If any of your children own LEGOs, then you know how difficult it can be to store all of those tiny little pieces. While some kits may come with boxes or a bag to store the leftover LEGOs in, you could still end up with dozens of extra pieces with no home.

Storing your children’s LEGOs doesn’t have to be a pain, and you don’t have to worry about stepping on LEGOs anymore. If you are looking for easy LEGO storage ideas that are both functional and will keep your LEGOs organized, here are 15 LEGO storage ideas. These ideas are so simple, anyone can implement them!

  1. DIY LEGO Table with Storage
  2. LEGO Bin Organization
  3. LEGO Minifigure Storage Shelf
  4. Tackle Box LEGO Storage
  5. IKEA Frame LEGO Storage
  6. LEGO Storage Mat
  7. LEGO Storage Stool
  8. LEGO Minifigure Storage
  9. LEGO Head Can Storage
  10. LEGO Travel Box
  11. Over the Door LEGO Storage
  12. LEGO Storage Buckets
  13. Color-Coded LEGO Storage
  14. Toolbox LEGO Storage
  15. Wooden Crate Minifigure Display

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