15 LEGO Storage Ideas

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If any of your children own LEGO bricks, then you know how difficult it can be to store all of those tiny little pieces. While some kits may come with boxes or a bag to store the leftover LEGO bricks in, you could still end up with dozens of extra pieces with no home.

Storing your children’s LEGO bricks doesn’t have to be a pain, and you don’t have to worry about stepping on LEGO bricks anymore.

Easy LEGO Storage Ideas

If you are looking for easy LEGO storage ideas that are both functional and will keep your LEGO bricks organized, here are 15 LEGO storage ideas. These ideas are so simple, anyone can implement them!

1. DIY LEGO Table with Storage

Source: TheHandymansDaughter.com

The Handyman’s Daughter has a great tutorial for turning IKEA tables and bins into an area where your kids can both play with and store their LEGO bricks. The bins slide out for easy use, and they’re attached to the table and off the floor!

2. LEGO Bin Organization

Source: HappinessIsHomemade.net

Avid LEGO builders love to keep their LEGO bricks organized, whether it’s by color, size, or function. Know who else likes to keep things organized? People who have a lot of tools!

Happiness Is Homemade got the idea to turn black plastic hanging storage bins from the hardware store into a LEGO organization system. These bins hang from a metal rack and can be removed and put back up as necessary.

3. LEGO Minifigure Storage Shelf

Source: MamaintheNow.com

Mama in the Now came up with a unique way to storage and display her kids’ minifigures. She turned some floating wall shelves into a place to stand all of them up by adding LEGO baseplates with double sided tape. Genius!

4. Tackle Box LEGO Storage

Source: Childhood101.com

Childhood 101 has some great ideas for organizing all those little pieces, including using a simple plastic tackle box to keep your favorite special pieces separate.

5. IKEA Frame LEGO Storage

Source: FrugalFun4Boys.com

You can turn an IKEA frame into just about anything, can’t you?! Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls has a tutorial for adding a mat board and LEGO bricks to IKEA picture frames to make a fun and functional storage solution for all of those LEGO minifigures.

6. LEGO Storage Mat

Source: KidsActivitiesBlog.com

You’ve probably seen those nifty drawstring bags that lay out on the floor so your kids can play, then everything pulls together up for quick storage.

Kids Activities Blog has a great tutorial for making your own with very little sewing skill required!

7. LEGO Storage Stool

Source: KidsActivitiesBlog.com

This LEGO storage solution from Kids Activities Blog is a 3-in-1 item that combines a stool, chair, and a storage compartment!

Start with a simple storage stool, then add a LEGO baseplate for an extra play surface. Kids can use the stool to build on, sit on, or to reach their favorite sets in the closet.

8. LEGO Minifigure Storage

Source: CleanandScentsible.com

Clean & Scentsible has a great way to store and display your child’s collection of minifigures. This uses a large picture frame and 4×2 LEGO bricks to create a fun solution that can be changed up as much as your child wants.

9. LEGO Head Can Storage

Source: Organized31.com

If you love those cute LEGO head storage cans but don’t want to buy your own, Organized 31 has an easy tutorial for turning small containers into cute storage solutions.

A tip: start with an Argo cornstarch container so you don’t have to paint the actual container yellow! There are bigger and smaller versions available so you can choose the one that is right for your needs.

10. LEGO Travel Box

Source: AllfortheBoys.com

All for the Boys has a fun way for your child to bring their LEGO bricks on the go and repurpose an old box – turn it into a travel box!

Any sort of sliding lid box would work – just paint and decorate the box how you want, then glue a base plate to the lid of the box. Easy!

11. Over the Door LEGO Storage

Source: KidsActivitiesBlog.com

Kids Activities Blog has an easy – and cheap! – way to maximize your space and keep LEGO bricks sorted by color, size, function, or whatever you want.

Use a shoe storage bag that hangs from a bedroom door or closet door to keep everything organized and sorted. This one has clear pockets so your children can easily see their collection at a glance.

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12. LEGO Storage Buckets

Source: B-InspiredMama.com

If your living space is a little tight on storage, use the walls to your advantage! B-Inspired Mama has a great idea for using hanging bins or buckets from a curtain rod to get LEGO bricks and other small toys up and out of the way.

Bonus: Getting them off the floor can solve the problem of “how to keep the LEGO bricks away from the toddler” as you organize your playroom.

13. Color-Coded LEGO Storage

Source: SunnyDayFamily.com

If you have a train table that’s seen better days…or maybe your kids have just outgrown it…why not turn it into a LEGO table?

Sunny Day Family took their family’s old train table and used peel and stick baseplates to transform it into something functional and fun-looking, too!

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14. Toolbox LEGO Storage

Source: JinxyKids.com

Here’s an idea from Jinxy Kids: repurpose a standard toolbox into an on-the-go LEGO storage solution! You’ll be able to sort bricks by color or function, and keep everything in place as you move the pieces from room to room or place to place.

15. Wooden Crate Minifigure Display

Source: FrugalFun4Boys.com

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls has an awesome idea for showing off your kids’ extra special minifigures – display them in a wooden crate!

The minifigures stand on flat bricks, so there’s not much danger of them randomly falling on. Plus, your child can easily switch out individual items at any time.

15 LEGO storage ideas
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