15 Recipes and Crafts You Can Make with Jars

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15 Recipes & Crafts you can make with Jars: Desserts, Drinks, Decor & MORE!

Over the last few years, I’ve written a number of easy and inexpensive recipes and craft ideas using jars. I wanted to share a nice round-up of these with you for handy reference. Many of these make nice gifts – whether it’s a summer birthday or a holiday.

Note that I do use mason jars for the bulk of these posts, but you could just as well re-purpose other jars for most of these ideas (with the exception of the canning recipes, of course).

1: Salads in Jars

2: Beachy Memories in Jars

3: Ambrosia Salad and Kiwi Jam in Jars

4: Homemade Spa Gifts in Jars

5: Soup Mixes in Jars

6: Signature Cocktails in Jars (Sangria/Mojito)

7: ScavenJAR 

8: Candles in Baby Food Jars

9: Dried Herbs in Baby Food Jars

10: Lanterns in Jars

11: Coffee Sugar Scrub

12: Homemade Kahlua 

13: Blackberry Infused Vodka

14: Skittles Infused Vodka

15: Homemade Vintage Christmas Snow Globes

Make sure to check out my canning page for additional ideas!