26 Easter Egg Filler Ideas {Hint: Most Aren’t Candy!}

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26 Easter Egg Filler Ideas {Hint: most aren't candy!}

I always love having an informal Easter egg hunt for my kids. You can control what goes in the eggs, how many there are, and where they get hidden. And, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can always bring your egg hunt indoors.

Easter Bunny in a Cute Basket

This year, I decided to hit up my local Fred Meyer for my kids’ baskets, eggs, and candy. However, I also wanted to see what additional creative ideas I could come up with for filling your eggs. If you want to keep the sugar to a minimum, you might be interested to see what non-food ideas I came up with! To keep things interesting, I challenged myself to see how many options I could come up with. Today’s list includes 26 ideas!

{Please note: This post was originally published in March 2015. Therefore, the prices you see below may be different from what you’ll find at your store.}

But first…let’s talk candy.

DSCN9234 (800x784)

This is how I found the seasonal department of my Fred Meyer store. There are so many choices!


I love that there are lots of inexpensive choices as well. With that, let’s start our list!

1. Jellybeans. Probably my favorite candy to eat at Easter! I picked up a couple bags for just $1 each.

2. Small Chocolate Bunnies. I found a package of 6 small chocolate bunnies for $1 total. Divvy them up, and put them in larger-sized eggs.

3. Foil-wrapped Chocolate Eggs. Fred Meyer was selling several varieties for $1.50 per bag.

DSCN9230 (800x600)

4. Hot Tamales Jelly Beans. These looked really fun – and they were only $2 a bag! If you’re not a fan of the classic jelly bean, Fred Meyer has lots of other fun flavors, too.

DSCN9231 (800x600)
DSCN9254 (800x572)

5. Easter Corn. Another fun option to the jelly bean.

6. Lindor Truffles. If you just want to fill a few eggs with treats, you could opt for these individual Lindor truffles, sold down the main candy aisle (not seasonal).

DSCN9255 (493x800)

7. Candy Necklaces. These were selling for $0.33 apiece down the main candy aisle. Another good choice, particularly if you only want a few small candy treats.

DSCN9256 (737x800)

8. Werther’s Original. These are probably my go-to candy right now! I love Werther’s Original! They even have sugar-free flavors. My store was running a sale when I stopped by, just $1.50 per bag!

DSCN9257 (500x800)

9. Organic Jolly Beans. Prefer to go organic? Make sure to check out Fred Meyer’s Nutrition Center! I found these organic jelly beans down the bulk foods aisle. They sell a selection of organic and eco-friendly treats in the Nutrition Center as well.

DSCN9123 (800x600)

So let’s talk about some of the options besides candy too! One of my favorite aisles in Fred Meyer’s toy department is the one that contains the novelty/value-based toys. These start at just $1 apiece. Sometimes they even go on sale (e.g., buy one, get one 50% off).

DSCN9124 (588x800)

10. Novelty erasers. This package of four novelty erasers (for $1!) could easily be opened and split into different eggs.

DSCN9125 (599x800)

11. Mini Horse Set. Another great find for $1!

DSCN9126 (567x800)

12. Toy bracelets. There are several packaged together for just $1!

DSCN9128 (800x600)

13.Gemstone Ring. This could be a prize for a nicer egg!

DSCN9129 (800x584)

14. Battle Figures. I found this set of Ninjas and Pirates (30 total) for $3. They also were selling army men and other figures.

DSCN9122 (800x600)

15. Hot Wheels. While not on the novelty toy aisle, you might want to consider Hot Wheels! I found them for $1 each at my store. Sometimes you may save a little bit when buying in a bigger pack.

DSCN9119 (800x650)

What about crafts? Make sure to take a spin down the office supply aisle for additional ideas.

16. Stickers. You can easily take sticker sheets and cut them apart. At my store, I found stickers in seasonal, craft supplies, toys, and in the greeting card area.

DSCN9249 (800x600)
DSCN9250 (800x525)

17. Ducklings. Duct tape is really popular for crafting these days! I found these mini “ducklings” for $1.99 apiece and think they’d work great in Easter eggs. Look for them in the paint section of your store. 

18. Yarn/String. I found these packages of craft yarn half off – just $3.99 for a pack of 8! Fred Meyer also carries a number of craft strings you could use to make friendship bracelets or other crafts.

DSCN9241 (800x475)

I found a few additional ideas that would work particularly well for girls, too.

19. Lip Smackers. I found some of these hanging on an end-cap, as well as in the cosmetics department.

DSCN9242 (530x800)

20. Girls’ earrings. Fred Meyer carries accessories perfect for littler ones in the girls’ department. I found these packs of earrings on sale for 40% off.

DSCN9243 (599x800)

21. Bracelets. Like the toy bracelets listed above, many of the bracelets in the accessories department come in multi-packs, so you could separate them apart.

DSCN9244 (599x800)

22. Hair things. You’ll find some hair things in the girls’ jewelry area as well as where the hair care supplies are kept in grocery.

DSCN9245 (599x800)

23. Girls’ necklaces. I found some really cute necklaces in the girls’ accessories area for 40% off, too.

DSCN9252 (800x710)

24. Small cosmetics. My Fred Meyer store carries the brand Essence, which seems to be a really budget-friendly brand! Check out the lip glosses I spotted for $1.99 – plus they were buy one, get one 1/2 price on the day I visited, too!

DSCN9253 (800x707)

25. Small Nail Polishes. I found this set for $4.99 (reg. $7.99). Just make sure your Easter eggs are big enough!

DSCN9247 (800x600)

26. Seeds. Here’s one last fun idea for you: garden seeds! I’d leave them still in the envelopes, just gently bend them up and put them in larger size eggs. Choose easy-to-grow flowers, herbs or veggies and make a project of it. During my visit, seeds were buy 2, get 1 free with in-store coupon

Phew! So there you have it! 26 different ideas – and not all of them are candy.


To end this post, I’d love to share a few tips for saving money on Easter goodies at Fred Meyer.

  • Watch the ad for store coupons. Fred Meyer frequently puts out these great “extra bonus” coupons that can be really useful. Sometimes, the Home Extra Bonus coupons they issue generally do cover toys and decor. The Apparel Extra Bonus coupons would shave some money off your accessories purchases.
  • Check out Storage for additional basket options. Besides the seasonal aisles, you may want to head to home storage for fun Easter basket options. I found quite a few cute styles priced half off today. The benefit of buying one of these baskets is that you could use them for organizing your home after Easter.
  • Remember your coupons! You can print free grocery coupons from sites like Coupons.com or load e-coupons to your Fred Meyer Rewards card at fredmeyer.com/coupons.

If you need more tips on shopping Fred Meyer? Make sure to check out my handy Fred Meyer Shopping Guide – it’s full of tips to help you save money!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas and inspiration for putting your Easter baskets! I’d love to know what other ideas you have. What have you filled your Easter eggs with before (particularly ideas besides candy)?

What's inside your Easter Basket?

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