Ace Hardware: Ball Quart-Size Canning Jars, 12 pk 2 for $14!

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As part of their Labor Day sale, Ace Hardware has Ball Quart Size canning jars (12 pack) on sale for 2 for $14 through Monday, September 2nd! This is a great deal in my book.

I just went to my store and found they were sold out! They were able to give me a raincheck. You might want to call your store ahead of time as quantities may be limited. For more ideas, see my post on how to save on canning jars & supplies.

Another helpful tip was left by reader Lisa on The Coupon Project Facebook wall this morning: “I just bought 12 quart-sized jars for $6.00 at the East Main Puyallup Safeway. They were on clearance.”

If you’re aware of any other places to save on canning jars right now, please feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks, Anne!

10 thoughts on “Ace Hardware: Ball Quart-Size Canning Jars, 12 pk 2 for $14!”

  1. Hi Angela,
    My husband has been bugging me to get rid of my quart canning jars that we’ve been storing for years. If you are interested, I could give you quite a few (many dozen). I used to be an avid canner, but since I now work in Sept., which is a huge canning month, I have pretty much given up on everything except jams. Of course, that would mean a trip to Lynnwood. 🙂 You do so much for us, I would love to give you these if they would help you.
    Let me know-

    • Diane, Thanks for the sweet offer! I just saw this message this morning and see that others are vying for them too… so not sure if they’ve been otherwise claimed at this point. 😉 I’m going to email you privately.

  2. Dianne, if you are interested in selling your jars I would love to buy them! We have 80 pounds of tomatoes coming and my old jars aren’t up to the task. I am in Kirkland and would be happy to come get them from you! Please contact me at corinneharpster @ hotmail . com

    Thank you

    • Oh dear! I think my store must have been mis-informed, because they told me they were the quart size. I apologize for the mix-up.

      I just came from WinCo a bit ago and they were selling the pint size for that same price.

      • It happens. If you look at the ad is SAYS the PT size in VERY small print but those look like QUART size in the picture to me. I hate it when they do that. Not on you. Love you. LOL.

        • Well, what’s worse is I went to the store and was told it was quart and they wrote a raincheck for me for quart! DOH.

  3. Nice Angela. Your raincheck is worth a second trip. I picked up some pint jars for my upcoming canning journey. I took wide mouth jars up to the register and almost choked when she rang me up. As their staff and I learned at the same time the sale is only for the small lid, not wide mouth, jars. Thx for the tip!

  4. Just ran to the Ace Hardware here – all the canning jars are on sale – Pint 2/14.00; Quart with lids, case/12 – $9.99; crystal 4 oz., $7.99. Just an FYI

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