Adventures in Bulk Foods

Every day for the month of October 2011, I featured a different item you can buy in the bulk foods section of your grocery store. For this series, everything was purchased from WinCo Foods.

Please read my introduction post if you’re just joining me to learn more about why and how I undertook this adventure!

October 1: Dried Blueberries

October 2: Cinnamon Sticks & Whole Cloves

October 3: Millet

October 4: Falafel Mix

October 5: Popcorn

October 6: Harvest Decor with Beans & Popcorn

October 7: Brownie Mix

October 8: Honey

October 9: Cheese Ravioli

October 10: Dried Apricots & Couscous

October 11: Bird Seed

October 12: Coba Beans

October 13: Steel Cut Oats

October 14: Lentils

October 15: Almond Butter

October 16: Dried Figs

October 17: Hummus

October 18: Milk Chocolate

October 19: Spelt Flour

October 20: Basmati Rice

October 21: Chicken Tortilla Soup Mix

October 22: Pancake Mix

October 23: Wheat Germ

October 24: Breadcrumbs

October 25: Decorating with Candy

October 26: Chow Mein Noodles

October 27: Caramels

October 28: Piloncillo

October 29: Curry Powder

October 30: Flour & Salt for Kids’ Projects

October 31: Baking Soda

If you’re just joining me, note that I put together an extensive pricing and coupon list together for WinCo the 1st and 3rd weeks of every month! Please visit my WinCo page for current deals!

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