Best Prices for Thanksgiving Food Items

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Best Prices for Thanksgiving Food

November is such a great time of year to stock up and save. So many pantry basics such as canned fruit and vegetables, flour, oil, and sugar go on sale. I’d like to encourage you to think beyond your Thanksgiving meal when you’re shopping this month and think about stocking up your pantry for the winter months!

Here are a few tips for getting the best deals on these food items in November and saving on your Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. Plan your meal early and keep it simple! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, I’d encourage you to plan your meal now. With your meal plan ready, you can begin to identify which ingredients you’ll need so you can keep your eyes peeled for deals throughout the month. We’re already seeing these items on sale at stores. Also, encourage guests to bring a dish and keep things simple! There’s no need to cook a turkey, a ham, 12 side dishes, and 8 pies if you’re serving 6 people!
  2. Keep an eye on unit prices. We’ll be seeing some deals on bagged flour and sugar, but do pay attention to the unit prices. Do they best what you can do buying in bulk at a store like WinCo?
  3. Buy your spices in bulk! Generally you’ll begin seeing jarred spices go on 50% off or buy one, get one free sales this time of year. However, you might be better off just buying what you need in bulk. Several stores in my area including WinCo, Fred Meyer, QFC, and Whole Foods Market have an option for buying spices in bulk. Don’t let the high per-dollar price scary you off – you usually only ever need an ounce or less of a given spice and you’ll end up paying pennies at checkout.
  4. Get your coupons ready! We’ve already started seeing some great coupons come available for Thanksgiving food items. Make sure to gather these and keep them handy. We’ll be getting a number of holiday-related coupons in Sunday paper, and I have additionally seen some pop up at
  5. Watch for Turkey deals. Once again, I have been rounding up the best prices on turkeys at the grocery stores. In addition, you might want to check out my post on determining a good price for a turkey in 2021.
  6. Buy a few extras to donate. With the great deals we should be seeing this month, keep your local food bank or church pantry in mind! This is a good time of year to put your ninja couponing and bargain shopping skills to use!
Thanksgiving Stock-up Prices {updated for 2016}

Thanksgiving Food Stock Up Prices Download

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of a few items I expect to find on sale this month and the prices I would consider stock-up worthy. Please use this as a general guideline only! Your “best prices” may differ if you prefer organic, a particular brand, or have different stores in your area.

To download the printable (PDF), simply click the button below:

Download your Thanksgiving Stock-up Prices printable here!

While you are welcome to share this post and “pin” it, please note that the PDF is for personal use only. (If you’ve got an idea for the download and you’re not sure the use would fall under “personal use,” please email me at thecouponprojectsite @ gmail dot com to discuss.)

There’s lots more where this came from! Head to my Thanksgiving Central page for everything Thanksgiving – recipes, tips, guides and more!


Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Any additional Thanksgiving help I can provide? Please share!

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