13 Birthday Party Items You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

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If you are planning on throwing a party – be it a birthday party, graduation party, housewarming party or something else, I’ve got a great tip for you – check the dollar store! You can save a lot of money by shopping for your party needs here versus specialty party stores.

Dollar Tree

To illustrate, today I wanted to show you 13 items I found at my local Dollar Tree (Federal Way) that would work well for parties. Of course, what you find at your store may vary.

Foil tiaras at the Dollar Store

#1: Foil Tiaras. Perfect for the birthday girl!

Birthday Party Decor at the Dollar Store

#2: Birthday Cutouts. I found all kinds of birthday decor like this at my store!

Pink Gift Bags

#3: Gift Bags. Check it out – these were being sold as a 2-pack! There were other styles available at my store, too.

Noisemakers at the Dollar Store
Party favors at the Dollar Store

#4: Party noisemakers. There were a few different styles including these horns.

#5: Party favors. My store has an aisle full of bags of little favors. These would be great for goody bags, game prizes, or pinatas.

Birthday Candles at the Dollar Store

#6: Birthday candles. While they had a number of styles available, I opted for the standard kinds which came 80 in a box! Those should last us for several birthdays!

Streamers at the Dollar Store

#7: Streamers. What I love about the streamers at my dollar store is that they come two in a pack! We chose pink and purple for my daughter’s party – a whopping $2 for 4 rolls!

Plates, Cups, etc at the Dollar store

#8: Plates, Cups, and Napkins. Now, if you are flexible about the colors or patterns of your plates and cups, you should consider the dollar store. They did have some characters, but if you are looking for something super specific, you may not find it. One thing you could do is buy a solid color and decorate with stickers.

Platters at the Dollar STore

#9: Platters. If you’re planning on feeding a big crowd or doing a potluck, you might want to check the dollar store! I always find a variety of large serving platters, bowls, and serving utensils.

Gift wrap at the dollar store

#10: Gift Wrap. I found a variety of gift wrap at my store! One additional tip I have for saving on gift wrap: pay attention to the square footage per roll. Often the “cuter” or “fancier” designs are smaller than a simple design or solid color.

Birthday Banner at the Dollar Store

#11: Banners. I was so excited to find this lovely birthday banner for just $1! It fit perfectly under my covered porch. Sure, you could also craft your own, but I bet you’d spend more than $1 on the supplies you’d need to make it, plus the time involved cutting out all those letters!

Glow Sticks at the Dollar Store

#12: Glow sticks. Now this might not apply to every party, but it might apply to some! If you’re doing an overnighter, or camp out, or 4th of July party or Halloween party, these might be awesome! A couple years ago, we did a glow-in-the-dark soccer practice/party which was a total hit.

Thank you notes at the Dollar store

#12: Thank You notes. I think these are one of my favorite finds – a pack of thank you notes for just $1! You can see the original price of $3.25 still on the packs. I bought 2 and saved $4.50 over the regular price on just this one item! They also carry invitations, blank cards, and other stationery, depending on what you’re looking for.

Helium balloons at the dollar store

#13: Helium balloons. This is another one of my favorite party finds! At the dollar store, I can easily buy 3-4 for the price I’d pay for one elsewhere.

I’d love to know what other items you’ve found at the dollar store that work well for parties. Please share by leaving a comment below!

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