Capital One Shopping Review – Automatically Apply Coupon Codes

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There’s a new cash back and coupon code extension on the market! Add the Capital One Shopping extension and apply coupon codes for savings. Here’s our quick Capital One Shopping review.

Automatically apply coupon codes for FREE – it’s kinda genius!

Capital One Shopping searches for a better price while you shop at Target, Best Buy, and more. You’ll see a friendly little pop-up if a better offer is found, including tax and shipping details.

Earn Capital One shopping credits while you shop, then redeem those shopping credits for free gift cards. Cha-ching!

The Capital One Shopping extension works with all major browsers, and their website also highlights featured offers and trending deals from top stores. They even feature local deals near you, too!

How to Install Capital One Shopping

There are two ways to get started with Capital One Shopping, and you can use both, depending on where you’re shopping from.

The first is to install the Capital One Shopping extension. The easiest way to do that is to open your preferred browser and visit the Capital One Shopping website. You should see a popup prompting you to download the extension.

It takes all of five seconds to add the extension, then you’ll just need to create a Capital One Shopping account if you want to utilize the Price Protection, Watchlist, and Cash Back features (and you’ll probably want to).

The other option is to download the Capital One Shopping mobile app on the App Store or Google Play. I recommend starting with the browser extension, but if like to shop from your phone, you’ll want to use the app, too.

Capital One Shopping Review

Price Comparison

I decided to give this extension a try to see how it works. I need to buy a new Pack ‘n Play to use at my parents’ house, so I did a quick search on Amazon and found this one:

Capital One Shopping Review explanation

See that “Save $2” under the price? I clicked on that and it took me to this page:

So Capital One Shopping showed me that I can get the exact same Pack ‘n Play for the same price – including free shipping – from, and I’ll also get 3% cash back for a total of $2.24 saved! Sounds like a winner to me!

When you sign up for a Capital One Shopping account with the extension, they ask you whether you’re a Prime member and they also count shipping and tax for your specific zip code, so you really are getting a true price comparison.

Coupon Codes

Another big way in which Capital One Shopping helps you save money is by automatically applying coupon codes at eligible retailers.

I’ve found that their database of coupon codes is robust and easy to use – no need to Google “[store name] + coupon code” anymore!

When you’re ready to test out the coupon codes for yourself, just click the blue “Try Codes” button that pops up and watch as the codes are automatically applied.

Capital One Shopping will test them all out and pick the one that offers you the most savings. If none of the coupon codes work, they’ll let you know that, too.

The button doesn’t always show up (it must depend on the retailer), but you can click the extension and click “show available codes” to try them out yourself, too.

Price Protection

Remember Paribus? It was a price-monitoring service that kept track of your purchases and would let you know if the price dropped so you could get a refund or store credit.

Paribus is now under the Capital One Shopping umbrella, and the service still works! It helps you get money back on purchases you’ve already made.

You’ll need to give Capital One Shopping access to your email (Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook) so it can identify recent purchases based on shipping and order confirmation emails.

They’ll monitor and compare price changes for the items that you’ve purchased and then let you know if the price drops and you can make a claim. Click “My Purchases” in your account to see what they’re currently tracking.

Once an eligible claim is detected, they’ll either communicate with the retailer to file a claim on your behalf or they’ll provide you with instructions on how to do it yourself.

Don’t worry – Price Protection is totally optional, and you can still use the rest of Capital One Shopping’s features if you want to skip this one. You could always just create an email account just for online shopping if you so choose.


If you’re just browsing and not ready to buy quite yet, you can add an item to your Watchlist. To do so, just click on the extension and click the “Add to Watchlist” button.

They’ll keep track of the price for you and let you know when an item goes on sale.

Capital One Shopping Website

This service isn’t just about the extension, though. Their website is a great place to keep track of your purchases and watchlist as well as browse for great deals!

On the homepage you’ll find featured offers for the day including cashback offers, limited time sales, hot coupon codes and deals from popular retailers, and more.

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Local Offers

Depending on where you live, you may see Local Offers on the Capital One Shopping homepage. For example, near me I saw cash back offers for Jersey Mike’s, Men’s Wearhouse, and some local restaurants.

To take advantage of these offers, you’ll need to link your eligible debit or credit card to your Capital One Shopping account. Use your linked card to pay in store at participating merchants, then enjoy the cash back in your account.

Cash Back

Speaking of cash back…yes, Capital One Shopping also offers cash back in addition to price comparison, price tracking, and coupon codes.

Not all retailers offer cash back, and the percentages vary by store, but it’s easy to get started earning rewards.

When you visit a participating retailer’s website, you should see a pop up from the Capital One Shopping extension letting you know what percentage you can earn in rewards. Click the “OK” button and wait for the extension to activate.

They’ll keep track of how much you spend, then add a percentage of that to your account once your purchase is verified. It can take a little while for your rewards to show up, but they’ll be there eventually.

Shopping Rewards

Once you’ve earned Shopping Rewards, you can redeem them for gift cards to retailers like Walmart, eBay, Lowe’s, Macy’s, and lots more.

Some retailers (like Walmart) let you redeem gift cards for as low as $0.01, so there’s no need to reach a big threshold to start getting your rewards. (What you’re going to do with a $0.01 gift card, I don’t know. But hey, you do you.)

These gift cards are digital and non-refundable and will be delivered to the email address on your account.

Capital One Shopping Mobile App

You can also take your savings on the go with the Capital One Shopping mobile app. With the app you can earn cash back, search for great deals, and access your account information.

The app doesn’t have a price comparison feature right now, but they are working on Mobile Price Protection. (It’s currently in beta.)

Capital One Shopping allows you to share Amazon items via text message so they can let you know of any lower priced offers, if available, but I couldn’t get it to work properly. Fingers crossed that this feature is available soon!

Download the Capital One Shopping extension HERE!

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