Groupon: $15 for $30 Foley’s Produce Voucher (+ Current Produce Stand Prices!)


Last week I shared a great Groupon offer with you – pay $15 and get a $30 voucher good for Foley’s Produce in Maple Valley! (You can also buy a $12 voucher for $6, or $20 voucher for $10.) I wanted to let you know that this offer is STILL GOOD!

I discovered this place last year upon the recommendation of several readers and LOVEEE it! They sell large quantities of produce, perfect for canning.

DSCN0906 (800x588)

This is the produce I purchased last September at Foley’s produce – a box of Gravenstein apples, Elberta peaches, and Bartlett pears for $49.85. As this Groupon voucher is good clear through October 1st, you should be good to buy and hold it if you want produce like canning apples and pears! I will personally be buying this Groupon. Had I purchased this same produce with a Groupon, I would’ve paid $34.85 instead!

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Fred Meyer Canning Clearance!

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How I Canned My Garden Tomatoes

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