DIY Vintage Snowglobe Tutorial

Mason Jar Vintage Snow Globe Tutorial

For the past week, I’ve been revisiting traditional Christmas recipes and traditions. Today I have something slightly different in mind. Yes, it’s a Christmas craft!

I was watching a Rachael Ray segment last week where this guest she had on made snow globes. She made it sound pretty easy, so I decided to give it a whirl. I should mention here that I think I have a touch of an artsy/creative side, but I’m by no means a hard-core crafter. A visit to the craft store is maybe a once- or twice-yearly visit for me.

Here’s what you need:

  • Small jars (such as canning jars, or old food jars)
  • Glycerin (I found this at Michaels for $2.99 near where they sell cake stuff)
  • Glitter
  • Christmas miniatures or ornaments (after visiting SEVERAL stores, I found adorable Victorian-style Christmas miniatures at Joann’s for 70% off!)
  • Strong glue – I used gorilla glue
  • Newspapers or other material to protect your counters

In all sincerity, the trickiest part of this whole thing for me was assembling everything I’d need. I ended up buying some small canning jars at WinCo for this craft. But I found a few others in my fridge, too (their food contents were old and almost done with anyways). I was able to remove the sticky labels with hot water and an S.O.S. pad.

As mentioned above, I found these adorable miniatures at my Joann’s store. They were in a section where they had Christmas houses – I believe in art supplies? They were sold individually and were 70% off. That made the small figures about $1.49 each! The trees were a mere $0.41 each.

Next I decided which figure to place in which jar. This is where I could’ve planned a wee bit better. Some of my figures were too tall! Fortunately most of them were able to fit into one jar or the other. I noticed though that my trees were flaking a bit, so I opted to not use them in the snow globes. (I didn’t want them “shedding” in the water!)

At this point, my daughter was cracking me up. She was narrating for many of the figurines, exclaiming, “help! help! I’m trapped!” Never a dull moment.

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