2019 Entertainment Coupon Books – 30% off

For a limited time only, ALL 2019 Entertainment Coupon Books are 30% off with promo code SALE30 at checkout! For Washington State, choose from: Puget Sound South, Seattle and North Puget Sound and Spokane Including North Idaho. I decided to take a …

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5 Couponing Deals and Promotions I Wish They’d Bring Back

Recently, I had the chance to meet Laura (yes, THE Laura!) during my trip to Minnesota. She excitedly took me to an Aldi (I’d never been) and then we started talking about grocery stores and drugstores. This quickly lead to talking about couponing promotions of days gone by. It was so fun reminiscing about some of my favorite sales and deals and I thought it would make a post.

Today I thought I’d take a moment to shed a tear about some of my favorites.

#1: Kmart Double Days 

Does anyone here remember when Kmart offered double coupon days? This would have probably been about 8-9 years ago now. If you don’t remember, let me fill you in. They’d automatically double up to 25 manufacturer’s coupons up and including $2 in value! This meant that if you had a $2 off coupon, it was now worth $4.

Needless to say, it resulted in many low cost and even free items. I got all of the items pictured below for free on a Kmart shopping trip.


#2: Albertsons’ Twice the Value Coupons 

Every now and then, Albertsons would put out these “Twice the Value” coupons that would let you double manufacturer’s coupons up to $1. You’d get 3 in the paper, and they’d let you do up to 3 transactions, too. Even better, they used to have sheets of them up at Customer Service. Whenever they put these out, I’d make a “scouting” trip out to the store to see what I could find and excitedly report these deals back to you. Here in Western Washington, Albertsons was the only store that doubled coupons so it was a sad day indeed when these went away.

If you have a store near you that doubles coupons, I’d love to hear about it.

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Auntie Anne’s: BOGO Pretzels Coupon

Head on over to Auntie Anne’s to celebrate Auntie Day with BOGO Pretzels! You’ll need to print or display the coupon on your mobile device. You’ll receive one free handmade pretzel with the purchase of a second. The coupon is …

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