4 Tips for Growing Houseplants (Even if you don’t have a green thumb!)

In general, I like to think that I’ve got a green thumb. I’ve grown many things in my garden including corn, kale, carrots, and beets. But there’s one category of plants that gives me pause: houseplants.

The truth is, I’ve killed a fair number of houseplants in my day. I recall one colorful episode in college where I managed to kill a fern and decided to bring it back to the Queen Anne nursery I’d bought it from in hopes they could help me resuscitate it. I remember handing it to the young clerk who I swore was about to shed tears when she’d seen when I done. Yeah, it was a goner.

So for years, I’ve avoided houseplants (except the silk variety). No sense setting myself up for failure, right?

However, as the winter months have marched on (it’s snowing as I compose this post today) and I’m starting to get the itch for the garden, I’ve contemplated my houseplant issue again. Is it possible, I wondered – that my past failures are because I just wasn’t selecting the right plants for me? I decided to reach out to the folks at Watson’s Nursery in Puyallup for some help.

Full disclosure here: today’s post is in no way sponsored by Watson’s. I purely reached out to them as the experts here so I could pull together this post and I hope, help some of you that have felt in the same boat with this whole houseplant killing business! I met with Sherrie at Watson’s, who was both friendly and knowledgeable. Here are a few good tips she gave me about caring for houseplants.

Tip #1: Choose Plants that Match Your Watering Style

The first question Sherrie asked me is if I tended to over-water or under-water plants. This was a no-brainer: I under-water! I can get busy and forgetful and before I know it, the plant is dead, dead, dead.

But it just so turns out that plants that thrive on only being watered once every 3-4 weeks (when their pot is dry). Some of these plants include:

Philodendrons. These are nice, big leafy plants.

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Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale: May 6-7

I wanted to give you a big “heads up” about one of my favorite local gardening events: the Tilth Alliance’s Edible Plant Sale! In past years, they’ve had a HUGE selection of edibles including many varieties of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, …

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How to Freeze Your Greens {and a couple ideas for how to use them!}

What do you do if you end up finding a tremendous deal on leafy greens or end up with a surplus from your garden? Well, one simple thing you can do is freeze them! Yes, that’s right – greens such as kale, collards, and spinach can be frozen.

I found several nice bunches of greens at my local grocery store recently – they had a few varieties of organic kale, plus rainbow chard, and spinach, all at very good prices, and I couldn’t resist.

Now there are two schools of thought when it comes to freezing greens. First, you can freeze them as-is, raw. This is going to be the easiest, quickest way to achieve your goal. The second way involves blanching them. This helps the greens last a bit longer in the freezer. As you’ll soon see, this method also helps reduce the space in the freezer your greens will take up.

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