3 Tips for Creating a Homework Space {with help from Staples!}

This year, I’ve been teaming up with Staples to help your families go back to school with confidence! In case you missed it, you might want to read my Staples store shopping trip and the Scan my List feature I’ve written about this summer.

It’s possible as you’re reading this that your kids are headed back to school within the week, or perhaps they’ve already started. Given that, I’m guessing that many of you have completed (or are close to completing) your school shopping for this season. But before this shopping season ends, I want to encourage you to consider a final element you might have overlooked: your kids’ homework spaces!

I know my kids do best when they have an organized, well-stocked space to do their homework in. This space can also serve for art projects and other learning activities outside of school. Today I want to talk about how I shopped at Staples to create homework spaces for my kids. I hope it will inspire you to do the same!

Tip #1: Identify your homework spaces and clear them up.

After years of using the kitchen counter, we finally decided to give our kids their own desk spaces in their room. We felt it was important that they each have quiet, dedicated spaces to learn, work, and create. Of course, not everyone has this option. Whatever the case – identify where in your house will be the designated homework space, and aim to keep it clear of clutter. 

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Staples: Scan My List Helps Busy Parents for Back to School Shopping

I was intrigued about a unique service Staples first introduced last year: it’s called Scan My List. The premise is simple and straightforward. You scan in your child’s school supply list, and Staples will do the shopping for you, placing your items in your online cart. I decided to give this service a try to learn more and share how it works with you. Truth be told, I’d not done any school supply shopping as of this post so I was interested to see if Scan My List could actually save me time as well as money.

Before you get started, you’ll need to gather your child’s school supply list. The photo above is my daughter’s 4th grade list for the fall. (It’s hard to believe she’ll be headed to the 4th grade! Slow down, time!)

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My Staples Shopping Trip {Go Back to School with Confidence}

This summer, I’ve teamed up with Staples to help parents and kids go back to school with confidence! I wanted to kick off this collaboration by visiting my local Staples store. I was curious what kind of supplies I’d find, and as this is a frugal living blog, I was definitely curious about the price points.

The first thing I noticed was all the red “special limited time” tags throughout the store. I’d encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for these!  

I was certainly impressed with the variety of items Staples offers. Besides your standard yellow pencils, I found these bright, punchy colored ones (available in-store only). I bet my kids would love toting them to school.

Staples carries things beyond your basic school supplies, too, that are useful for the classroom. I found this pack of 4 facial tissues for $2.99! This is an item that usually pops up on my kids’ back-to-school lists.

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