How I Re-Grouted My Shower For Under $50

WARNING: Gross mildew pictures ahead. If you are eating or are overly sensitive to disgusting things, you might want to skip this post.

For awhile now, I’ve been really discouraged about my shower.

You know you try this product or that to clean it, but it just NEVER looks clean? Well, that’s why I got it into my head about a week ago to re-grout and re-caulk the entire thing.

A little background, about me. I’m not a DIY’er. I usually leave tasks that involve trips to the Home Depot or power tools to the Husband. But I thought, “Angela, why don’t you do this yourself? It will be good for you. You might just learn something.” So that is exactly what I did.

I debated calling this post “How to re-grout your shower,” but it’s more “How I re-grouted my shower.” I’m not a pro (as you’ll soon discover), but my goal here today is to inspire you to take up a task or two around the house you’ve been putting off. It might not be so scary/hard/expensive as you thought.

How to Re-Grout and Re-Caulk Your Shower – Step by Step


Yeah, folks. It was that bad. I don’t care what you say, all the baking soda, vinegar, bleach, or Scrubbing Bubbles ain’t gonna clean that.

So I started by removing all the caulking. This was a rather tedious project, but not difficult. I just used a razor and slipped it under the sides of the caulking.

100_7600 (796x800)

This was both disgusting and delightful at the same time. Disgusting, for the reasons you might imagine and delightful knowing I was actually finally addressing the root of the problem!

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How to Easily Make Soap

For today’s Adventures in Homesteading post, I thought I’d tackle something very easy and very basic to try – making your own soap. Now I had Sarah research pioneer soapmaking for this series and she discovered they used stuff like grease …

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him – 25 Creative Ideas Under $25

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him: 25 Creative Ideas under $25 | The Coupon Project

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Looking for a unique, yet budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift for your man this year? Look no further…I’ve got tons of ideas for you! Each of the items featured below comes from Amazon. Because of that, prices and availability is subject to change at any time, without warning. I have verified each item as of 1/8/2021. If you’re finding my post after that date, just know things may have changed.

Idea #1 – Best Husband Ever T-Shirt (Amazon; currently $9.99-$20.99, depending on color and size)

Ear Buds

Idea #2 – Panasonic Ear Buds (Amazon; currently $8.99)

Idea #3 – Badger Hair Shaving Brush (Amazon; currently $9.88)

Set of 9 Grey Beverage Chilling Stones [Chill Rocks] Whiskey Stones for Whiskey and other Beverages

Idea #4 – Whiskey Stones (chills drinks without diluting!) (Amazon; currently $11.99)

O'Keeffe Hand Cream

Idea #5 – O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream (Amazon; currently $7.99)

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Free Budget and Financial Planning Printables

Is it time to get organized with your budget? Or maybe you’ve got a good budget in place, but would like some place pretty to track your savings or debt payoff? I’m so excited to share that I’ve had a wonderful designer put together a series of beautiful and practical free budget and financial planning printables just for you!

How to Print and Use These Free Budget and Financial Planning Printables

  • To print any of these, simply click on the image below. The printable will appear in a new tab. From there, right click or locate the “print” button from your browser’s toolbar.
  • Some of these printables you’ll want extras of! For instance, if you have more than one savings goal? Print 2 or 3 Savings Trackers!
  • Pick and choose whichever printables are helpful OR you can print them all and make a financial planning binder and notebook! We’ve even included a themed cover for you below if this is your end goal.

Prefer digital budgeting? Read all about my favorite digital budgeting system, YNAB (You Need A Budget) and get a FREE 34-day trial HERE!

With that, here are the printables and a little bit about how you might use each of them. Enjoy!

Free Monthly Budget Tracker Printable

Monthly Budget. Use this sheet to tally up your income and expenses for the month. This printable is a great way to get a quick “snapshot” view of how your spending and planning measured up in a month.

Free Bill Payment Tracker Printable

Bill Payment Tracker - Free Printable Spreadsheet

Bill Payment Tracker. Never forget another bill – for an entire year! Simply write in the description of the recurring bill (“medical insurance,” “mortgage,” “car payment”), enter the amount and due date, and fill in the bubble once it’s paid! This is an awesome printable to see it all at a glance.

Free Expense Tracker Printable

Expense Tracker. One of the best ways to figure out where all of your money goes is to track it! Write in the description of what expense you took care of, what category it falls under, and the date and amount. Seeing it all on one page can be startling – or inspiring!

Free Savings Tracker Printable

Savings Tracker - Free Financial Planning Printable

Savings Tracker. This printable will help you track your savings goals. If you have multiple savings accounts or multiple goals, you can print a sheet for each. 

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50 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a little more than a month away! This year, I wanted to do a little something special for my gluten-free friends out there, so I’ve assembled a collection of 50+ gluten-free Thanksgiving Recipes! These recipes have you covered …

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Pear Vanilla Bread Recipe

As I shared recently, I’ve been canning up a quite a bit of fruit lately, including pears. I had another 20 pound box of pears to address today and the plan was to make my favorite jam ever, Pear Vanilla Jam …

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Host a Frugal Fondue Party (Easy Cheese & Chocolate Fondue Recipes)

Host a {Frugal} Fondue Party

One of my very favorite dinners out is fondue! However, if you’ve ever visited a fondue restaurant, you know that it isn’t exactly the most budget-friendly night out. Several years ago, my girlfriends and I decided just to do our own fondue night in. What resulted was a night of deliciousness – for a lot less money.

Now that fall is here, I thought it would be the perfect time to share the tried-and-true cheese fondue recipe I’ve been using with you. I’ve made this recipe for book clubs, as an appetizer for holiday meals, and just for a fun dinner. Not only it is easy, it only requires a few easy-to-find ingredients.

DSCN0382 (556x800)

Here is what you’ll need: 

  • 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 2 cups shredded Swiss cheese
  • 1 1/4 cup beer or dry white wine (I like using Hefeweisen)
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • dash of garlic powder

As far as what to dip in your fondue? It’s really up to you. My personal favorites are cubed French bread, cubed Granny Smith apples, and fresh vegetables (I like broccoli and baby carrots).

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