My 5 Favorite Things to Pack on a Road Trip

My 5 Favorite Things to Pack on a Road Trip

We’re planning another road trip for next month (goal: check off a few more states and capitals!), and so I’ve definitely got packing and traveling on the brain. Everyone does travel a little bit different, but today I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the way we like to travel by sharing my 5 favorite things to pack on a road trip. I’m also excited to share that today’s post is part of a collaboration. (Read on!)

In no particular order, here they are:

Favorite Thing #1: Our Travel Notebook

One process I’ve created for each of our vacations (roadtrip or otherwise), is to compile a simple notebook. I like using the three-prong folders that go on sale around back-to-school shopping season.

In my notebook, I print out everything: air travel confirmations, rental car reservations, hotel reservations, trip itinerary, dog sitter information, stuff we’d like to do and more. Could you access all this information from your phone? Sure, you could. But there are times when it’s far more practical to whip out a notebook and quickly locate what you need at a glance.

As the trip progresses, I’ll tuck in brochures of places we went, postcards, receipts and the like and tuck them in the folders. At the end of the trip, this becomes a nice document of everything we did and when we did it and a great planning tool for future trips. For more information, read about my post on our Travel Notebooks.

Favorite Thing #2: Good, Old Fashioned Atlas

We never leave home for a roadtrip without an atlas! We like the Rand McNally ones (like the one pictured above, from Amazon). These are great for seeing the “big picture” of roads, highways, and points of interest. I also often pass them back to the kids during the trip to help them get a visual of where they are and how much farther we need to drive.

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Our Visit to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West (Cody, Wyoming)

DSCN0652 (790x800)While I’ve shared some highlights of our family’s recent Yellowstone Road Trip with you, I’ve not yet shared our visit to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West (formerly known as Buffalo Bill Historical Center)¬†located in Cody, Wyoming. Our family was graciously provided tickets to tour the museum in exchange for today’s post to highlight it with you.

I’ve visited the museum a couple times before, the last visit about 10 years ago. I remember it as being an amazing museum and truth be told, it was a big reason we decided to stay a night in Cody!

DSCN0654 (599x800)

Once inside, you’ll see that the museum is divided into five sections: Buffalo Bill, Western Art, Firearms, Plains Indians, and Greater Yellowstone Natural History. I’m going to warn you right now…. you could easily spend an hour (or more!) in each of these sections. I deeply regret that we were pressed for time, so my tip #1 if you make it out to Cody: give yourself a full day to explore the Buffalo Bill Center of the West!

The Buffalo Bill section recently underwent a massive renovation. Pictured above is Buffalo Bill himself! You’ll see him greet you through a foggy misty and lights as you enter this portion of the museum. It was also my kids’ favorite part of our visit. They had to “run through Buffalo Bill” several times!

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