Best Turkey Prices at the Grocery Store (Near You)

Best Turkey Prices, Coupons & Deals

Once again this year, we’re rounding up the best turkey prices at grocery stores across the nation! As we’ve tracked turkey prices for years now, you’ll notice that in some cases we’ve left notes on prior years’ pricing.

We also addressed the question “what’s a good price for a turkey?” which you might find helpful to read when considering these deals. That post has been updated for 2020, so it’s a great place to start!

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Acme Turkey Price

*Updated for 2020!* Spend $300 now through Thursday, November 26 ad get a FREE turkey (10-22 lb. avg.). You’ll need to add the Just 4 U digital coupon and enter your linked phone number each time you shop.

Albertsons Turkey Price

*Updated for 2020!* Safeway and Albertsons have released their 2020 turkey price. This year, you can get a FREE frozen turkey with a $150 grocery purchase (limit 1) OR $0.49/lb with $50 grocery purchase (limit 1). This is identical to the past couple years’ price and offer.

For 2020, Albertsons is offering a turkey dinner for $59.99. This is the same price as the last two years, but $5 up from 2017. You can find the same price at Safeway.

Here’s what’s included: 10-12 lb. Fully Cooked Turkey, 48 oz. Mashed Potatoes, 28 oz. Traditional Stuffing, 14 oz. Cranberry Sauce, 24 oz. Gravy; serves 8-10. (The size of the stuffing went down 2 oz., but otherwise this is exactly the same as last year’s offer.)

If you live in another region (other than Western Washington), do take a peek at your ad first! You might find your store is running another deal.

Aldi Turkey Price

*Updated for 2020!* The Aldi turkey price for 2020 is $0.87/lb for a frozen Butterball Whole Turkey (10 – 22 lb, limit 2). This is a fantastic price per pound for Butterball if you have an Aldi store near you. I especially love that it doesn’t require any additional purchase, coupon, etc. to get this price. This price is unchanged from 2019.

Aldi also has a frozen antibiotic free whole turkey for $1.29/lb. This is 10¢/lb. more than the 2019 price.

In addition, Aldi has a plan that puts together an entire Thanksgiving dinner for under $30. It includes 11 items (including the turkey)!

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