11 Ways to Buy Cheap Canvas Prints

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Got some bare walls in your home? One of the quickest ways to make your home all your own is by decorating it with your favorite artwork and photos.

Canvas prints are a perfect way to turn your favorite photos into beautiful, customized artwork for your living spaces. And the process is actually pretty simple…if you can find the right retailer to do it for you.

Getting a quality product often comes at a price, but there are plenty of websites that will make cheap canvas prints for you that you’ll still love to hang on your wall!

Where to Buy Cheap Canvas Prints

We’ve taken that huge list of websites that offer canvas prints and narrowed it down to the best options for those on a budget.

This shortlist of where to buy cheap canvas prints considers the quality of the canvas prints, customer ratings, and the price (of course!).

1. Mixbook

Mixbook homepage

Mixbook is a great place to get cheap canvas prints. It’s super easy to use and reasonably priced, too.

Simply drag and drop your favorite photo into the editor and tweak it as necessary by cropping, zooming, or rotating your image. You can also add backgrounds, stickers, and text.

Choose from a classic gallery wrap, or add a custom frame in espresso, black, or white colors for an extra charge.

Mixbook uses gallery-quality textured canvas on a solid front construction so that your artwork will never stretch or sag. Images are printed using Indigo printing with custom-developed, archival pigment-based inks.

All canvases come with a finished back and mounting hardware so you can hang them right out of the box.

Mixbook offers canvas prints starting as small as 10×8 all the way up to 36×24. Canvas depth is about 1.25 inches.

Their regular prices aren’t the cheapest, but they do offer frequent sales. For example, while we were browsing the website, canvas prints were on sale for 35-55% off. Shipping starts at $13.99.

They also offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your order, you can return it for a refund or a credit toward a different Mixbook purchase.

2. Canvaspop

Canvaspop homepage

Canvaspop prides itself on quality products and excellent customer service. You may pay a little more for your canvas print, but you’ll be more likely to get something you’ll be happy with.

The ordering process is very simple. Upload your image, then choose your edge or frame options.

After you place your order, someone from their team of designers will send you a free digital proof for you to approve before it goes to print.

Choose from a 0.75” or 1.25” depth stretched canvas and a classic black, white, or photo-wrapped border. Frames are available for an additional charge.

They can print canvases as small as 8×10 and all the way up to 40×72! You can also have your image spread across multiple canvases for a unique look.

The regular prices for canvas prints are a little higher, but they do offer frequent sales (like 50% off while we were browsing) that makes the price very reasonable.

Every canvas they create is treated with an ultra-protective UV-matte laminate to ensure your print will never crack, flake, fade, or bubble. They also offer a 100%, no-hassle, Love It for Life guarantee.

3. Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints homepage

Easy Canvas Prints is a pretty straightforward way to get cheap canvas prints.

Sizes range from 8×8 to 30×40, and you can choose from the standard wrap of 0.75” or upgrade to gallery wrap (1.5”) for an extra charge. You can also order a frame or dust cover for an additional charge.

Sawtooth hangers are included, but you can also spring for a wall mount or hanging system to make your canvas print even easier to put on the wall.

Shipping starts at $9.99 and you’ll get your order in about a week. We couldn’t find any information about a return policy, but they do list how to contact customer service on their website.

Then just send them a photo for a full refund, including shipping costs.

Besides their custom prints, you can also order star maps, abstract or floral artwork, child art, and more.

4. ElephantStock

ElephantStock homepage

ElephantStock offers custom canvas prints as well as a unique selection of premade wall art at an affordable price.

If you want to make your own canvas prints, just choose a layout and begin designing. They offer free photo verification so you can rest assured that your photo has the proper resolution for quality printing.

The artwork is printed on 100% premium canvas with high-quality ink. Multiple layout options are available, and they have some unique shapes, too…like hexagons!

Choose to have your photo printed on one canvas or on multiple panels for a sophisticated look. All canvas prints are installed with a sawtooth hanger so you can put them on your wall right away.

Your photo can be printed on two different canvas depths – 0.75” frame depth is the most affordable option, 1.5” frame depth creates a bigger impact at a higher price.

ElephantStock uses high-quality protective lamination (UV scratch-resistant and waterproof) to ensure your canvas print will last you for many years.

Express shipping is available for an extra charge if you need it quickly. You can also opt for a black or white frame for an extra charge. Shipping is free on orders of $99 or more, otherwise, it starts at $9.95.

As with many of the sites you’ll see, these products often go on sale. While we were browsing, they were having a Flash Sale with 60-70% off sitewide along with an extra 20% off coupon code.

They also offer frequent sales on their premade art prints (stock images…hence the name ElephantStock), and they have a robust collection of those.

5. iCanvas

iCanvas homepage

iCanvas is one of the cheapest places to order canvas prints. It’s also super easy to use and they have some extra bonuses that make it worth a second glance.

To get started, you’ll need to create an account, then upload your image and choose a size. They have sizes from 12×8 up to 60×40 with 1.5” or 0.75” thickness.

Unlike other websites, you won’t actually order right away – instead, you’ll get a proof within two business days as an actual person will look it over to make sure it’s good to go.

They’ll even remove red eye, brighten, sharpen, and color-correct your image – all included in the price! After your approval, your print will arrive in 8-12 business days.

All canvas prints include a free hanging accessory kit so you can put it on the wall right away.

Check back regularly for sales like 50% off sitewide. Standard shipping is free!

They offer a 100% Love Guarantee and accept return or exchange requests for any reason within the first 60 days of purchase. Return shipping is free, as well.

Besides custom prints, iCanvas also offers LOTS of other wall art available for purchase.

6. Simple Canvas Prints

Simple Canvas Prints homepage

Simple Canvas Prints is a great place to get canvas prints at a discount.

You can often find some great deals at Simple Canvas Prints via Groupon, as well!

They offer sizes from 8×8 up to 30×36. You can also add text to your image using their design service for an extra charge ($5.99 and up). If you go that route, they’ll provide a proof for you to look it over before they print it.

Their canvas is acid-free, archival quality, and treated with a protective coating. 0.75” depth is the default, but 1.5” depth is available for an extra charge.

Floating frames are available for most sizes for an additional charge to give your canvas a gallery look. Hanging hardware is extra but is inexpensive (up to $3.99).

Simple Canvas Prints also offers a 100% Love It Guarantee. If they make a mistake, they’ll refund your money. And if YOU make a mistake, they’ll also refund your money!

To get your refund, you’ll just need to make your canvas unusable by either cutting out a small section from the center or putting a big X on the canvas with a marker.

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7. Vistaprint

Vistaprint homepage

Vistaprint prints a lot of different products at reasonable prices, including canvas prints.

Their canvas prints come in five different sizes (8×12 up to 24×36) and feature built-in hangers for easy display. You can simply upload your favorite picture, or use their styles and templates to add designs and text.

Choose a mounted frame style, or upgrade to premium for an extra charge. The difference? The mounted frame style is 1.5” thick and is wrapped around a lightweight foam frame with a backer board and attached hanger.

Premium frame style is similar to what you may be used to with canvas prints. It’s manually stretched on a 1.25” deep wooden frame with an attached wall mount.

Shipping charges vary but start at $5.99.

Vistaprint also offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you have a problem with what you get, they’ll make it right by reprinting your order, issuing an account credit, or giving you a full refund.

One thing to watch out for with Vistaprint is the upsell – once you upload your image and get it ready, they’ll show you a bunch of other personalized products that you can get with your image on it.

It’s easy to skip past if you’re not interested, but we did want to give you a heads up on that.

8. Shutterfly

Shutterfly homepage

You’ve no doubt heard of Shutterfly as a great place for photo cards and such, but they also offer some great prices on canvas prints.

Upload your own design, or choose from one of their templates. They have a wide selection of templates that allow you to include multiple photos and even text.

Shutterfly offers an impressive range of sizes (14!) which run from 8×8 up to 36×36. Add a frame for an extra charge.

Canvases feature a semi-gloss finish and gallery-wrapped edges. Depth is 1.25” or 1.5”, depending on the size you choose. All canvases include a metal sawtooth hanger for easy hanging.

Don’t ever shop Shutterfly without a sale as they have them OFTEN in which you can save around 50%, making the price a lot more palatable.

Shipping can be steep, but with a sale, the price can still fit within your budget.

Shutterfly offers a 100% happiness guarantee; however, you can’t just return willy-nilly.

Returns for reasons other than Shutterfly error will be subject to a 50% return fee, and you might reserve your refund in the form of store credit.

One perk of Shutterfly is that they’ll store an unlimited number of photos for free at the same resolution at which you uploaded them.

I was intrigued to see that Shutterfly also has stock wall art available for purchase! Prices are the same as for custom designs.

9. CanvasDiscount

CanvasDiscount homepage

CanvasDiscount is a great option for getting cheap canvas prints – and fast, too!

They offer a lowest-price-in-USA guarantee, which means that if you find a lower price online for the same size canvas print, they’ll beat it by 10% if you email them with a link to the competing product.

CanvasDiscount offers canvases starting at just $5 in sizes 8×8 up to 40×60. Shipping is a flat-rate of $7.90 or free on orders of $70 or more.

They use solvent-free HP latex inks to provide rich, vibrant, saturated colors. Choose from 0.75” or 1.5” depth for your canvas to be pre-stretched. All canvases will come ready to hang directly on your wall.

You won’t find a lot of upgrade options at CanvasDiscount (frames, texts, etc.), but you will get your order quickly.

They guarantee to have your order ready to ship within 24 hours, and most orders will be delivered within 2-5 business days.

They also offer a satisfaction guarantee – you can return your order within 30 days of purchase. Just email them and let them know (send a picture) and they will advise you on how to proceed with replacement or refund.

10. Art.com

art.com homepage

Art.com offers a quick and easy way to get cheap canvas prints for your wall.

It’s a pretty no-frills process: just upload your photo, crop (if you want), and choose an appropriate size that they will recommend to you. Prices start at $29, but with free shipping.

Their canvas is professionally hand-stretched and layered with protective ink for a museum-grade finish. Note that while other websites offer gallery wrap canvas prints, those from Art.com will have a mirrored edge.

You might not like this mirrored edge, but unfortunately, there’s no option to change it (as far as we could tell). If your image is not conducive to mirror edging, they’ll use black fabric tape to finish the sides.

All canvas prints come ready to display with a sawtooth hanger.

Orders typically ship within 1-2 days and will arrive in about a week. They have a low-price guarantee and offer free shipping and free returns.

Besides custom canvas prints, Arts.com provides a HUGE selection of other art pieces for your wall (prints, canvas, framed art, etc.).

11. Etsy

Etsy homepage

Want to support a small business? Etsy is the place to go to give someone your business and find an extra special product.

Do a quick search for “custom canvas prints” and you’ll find a huge number of shops that will put together your favorite design for you. Be sure to check ratings and reviews to help you find the best fit for what you need.

Some artists can turn your photo into a painting on canvas, and there’s also lots of original artwork available for purchase.

Obviously, prices will vary as individual shops can set their own prices, but with the vast number of options available, you’re bound to find one at a price point that works for you.

Additional Options

If none of these are quite the right fit, here are a few other websites you can check out for cheap canvas prints:

CanvasPeople – get a FREE 16×20 canvas, just pay shipping and handling!

CanvasPrints.com – offers sizes 8×8 up to 18×24 with regular deals and savings

CVS Photo – offers sizes 5×7 up to 24×36 with same-day pickup and framing options

Walgreens – offers sizes 8×10 up to 20×30 with multiple framing options and same-day pickup


These eleven websites are all different, but they’ll get you what you want – beautiful, customized canvas prints to make your walls a little less bare…without making you spend too much.

Try one or more to see what you think!

11 ways to buy cheap canvas prints

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