Constipated? Maybe this offer from Senokot can help

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Senokot I don’t know about you, but I hate all those commercials about laxatives and fiber products.  They just skirt around the issue with these carefully-phrased and almost meaningless phrases.  Phrases like: “for those times when you don’t feel like yourself…”

So I’ll come out and say it.  If you’re constipated or get that way from time to time, you might like to know that Senokot currently has a $5 rebate offer going.  Even better, in the 3/8 Red Plum insert, there were $2-off-1 Senokot coupons!

I just checked Walgreens’ website to get a rough idea of how these are priced, and I saw several varieities for $7.99.   In this instance, you could use your coupon to purchase the item (you’d pay $5.99), and then submit for the $5 rebate.  Bottom line, you’d end up with a whole lot of relief for less than a dollar (all puns intended).