Disclosure Policy

I often get asked how this site makes money. For compliance reasons, I have to tell you – no mysteries here! Read on to learn.

So how exactly do I make money from this site?

I am an affiliate of several companies including Amazon, Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale, Coupons.com, Escalate Network, and LinkShare. I also accepted compensation for ads, through AdThrive and Google. On occasion, I accept sponsored posts and stories, promotions, and other related ventures. If I’ve accepted cash to run a sponsored post, it will be clearly marked as such in the disclosure. I sometimes may also earn referral credit when you choose to click on links I have in the body of my posts. I will let you know when it’s a referral link.

It’s important to me (and to the powers that be!) that it’s very clear what’s happening when you click through a link from my site.

Please note that there are many instances were I am not using affiliate links. I sometimes share high-value coupons or offers, just because they are good deals worth sharing! Most of our posts relaying local events do not contain affiliate links. While it should be clear if there is commission involved, you can always reach out to me at angela @ thecouponproject dot com if you have specific questions or concerns about a post.

What I want you to know about my advertising methods.

I want to make something very clear. I am not out for a “quick buck.” My goal is to build a site that is successful for the long haul. There have been many times over the course of the years that I’ve turned down paying advertisers because I felt they were inappropriate for my site and that you would view me less favorably. Making a few bucks is not worth risking the reputation I’ve worked terribly hard to build.  There are also offers I have stopped sharing because I had readers tell me of their poor experiences. I listen.

I also want you to know that all opinions shared on this site? They’re mine. You can count on me for that.!

What I want you to know about doing the deals I share.

Please understand that I work hard to make sure that the deals I post are true and accurate.  If I unknowingly make a mistake in a deal I post, I will retract and/or clarify as soon as it is brought to my attention.  Readers, I urge you to make sure you double-check any deal you find on this blog or any other site before doing it first.  Please also note that I cannot be responsible if a store decides to not honor their offer, change their offer, cancel their offer, or if sale items are unavailable or out of stock at your particular store. Unfortunately, this has and does happen. Finally, you might be interested to know I’m posting out of the South Seattle area, so prices and deals on my blog may be reflective of my geographical area.

Comment Policy

I whole-heartedly welcome the sharing of opinions on this blog! Even if you don’t agree with everything I say, you are welcome and encouraged to voice your opinion.

I do ask that you follow these common sense guidelines when leaving a comment:

:: Please avoid profanity and vulgar language.
:: Please avoid making discriminatory or racist remarks.
:: Please do not make personal attacks (such as name calling).
:: Please keep things on topic. Don’t leave a question about a Walgreens deal on an Albertsons post.
:: Please, for the love of everything that is good in the world, NO SPAM! Understand that this blog already has a pretty sophisticated plug-in installed so most spam is “caught.” In my opinion, spamming can be as simple as leaving a “great post” type comment with a link back to your blog or as blatant as a link and plug to your blog in the comments when I’ve not put out an express invitation that this is OK.

A final word to fellow bloggers and deal  sharers: leaving your referral/affiliate links in the comment of my post or promoting your business without direct permission from me is strictly prohibited (plus, it’s incredibly tacky). If you continue to do this, expect a very firm email from yours truly.

You should know that I very, very rarely delete comments. Why? Because most of my readers (that’d be you!) are completely awesome, know how to exercise good judgment and fair play and keep things clean. I never mind debate, so long as you’re following the guidelines above. (However please note that if you disagree with me, you’ll likely find me respond in the comments. So you’ve been warned!)  When in doubt about leaving a comment, please contact me first.

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