DIY: Make a Drawer Organizer for less than $5

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My handy pal Susan is at it again! Susan is one of the most creative people I know – and she has an amazing knack for completing her projects on a dime. Today she’s sharing how she made wooden drawer organizers for $4.50!


For all of you frustrated by not being able to find that last bobby pin or favorite necklace in the jumbled mess of a bathroom drawer, I have a solution!  I recently built some wooden drawer organizers for our bathrooms.  It was simple and frugal.  Total cost was about $4.50, time taken was about 30 minutes, and I organized 2 drawers in the process.

Here are the “before” pics:

DSCN2079_1122 DSCN2083_1121

Yes, I realize how dirty the drawers look…I’m quite embarrassed by it.  But, it doesn’t take much to fix that.  The great part is that you can tailor the sections in the drawer to your needs.  Just inventory your drawer to decide what needs its own space.  Then, take a sheet of paper and draw out a mock up, including measurements, of where you want the sections to be placed in the drawer.  I made a section for nail polish, toothpaste, hair bands, and deodorant (just in case you were wondering, that green container is my homemade coconut oil deodorant).  In my kid’s bathroom drawer, I just made sections for toothbrushes, toothpaste, and flossers.



Doesn’t that look great? It makes me feel good to organize.

Now, get ready to be really excited!  I also figured out how organize my bobby pins so that they will no longer be orphaned in the drawer.  All it takes is a little bit of cardboard. Here’s how to make the drawer organizer with bobby pin holder:


  • 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ craft wood (I used oak; a 36″ piece cost $4)
  • Wood glue
  • Miter saw, circular saw, or hand saw
  • 8 1/2x 11 inch cardboard (I used a cereal box)

1) Cut the craft wood using the measurements you decided upon for your particular drawer and set up.  You want to be sure the slats are snug up against the sides of the drawer.

2) Position the wood pieces in the drawer to make sure everything fits snuggly, and to make sure the items in the drawer will fit as you have planned.

3) Apply a thin line of wood glue to each piece of wood to attach together.  I didn’t glue the partitions to the drawer itself, just to each other.  That way, they are easily removable.  But, you could certainly glue it into the drawer if you prefer.  You may need to hold the pieces in place for a minute or two to make sure it holds.  Let the glue dry completely.

4) Make the bobby pin holder by cutting the piece of cardboard 2 1/2 inches wide (see picture below).  Then, cut off a 2″-3″ piece, so that you have two pieces (one short and one long).  Using scissors, make a cut in each of the pieces just halfway through.  You will then put them together at the slit, creating a standing “T.” Simply place that in the drawer where you have made a space for it.  I didn’t use any glue here because it fit perfectly in the slot I made for it.  But, again, glue is certainly an option if you prefer.

Bobby pin holder

That’s it; not very difficult. The organizer is a lot of bang for the buck, and serious satisfaction level each morning when you go to do your hair or nails. You could easily use the same method to make organizers for your silverware and utensils in the kitchen.

Here’s the completed drawer organizer with bobby pin holder:



And the before and after shot, side by side:

Drawer Organi

Thank you so much for sharing, Susan! I think the finished product is fabulous! Want more of Susan’s work? You need to check out her $20 DIY Planters and garden raised bed posts!