Dollar Store Shopping with my Daughter

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My daughter and I decided to kill some time at the dollar store the other day while waiting for brother’s soccer practice. Now, I’m not a huge dollar store shopper, so I’m usually surprised when I walk in the store. (“What? They sell that here?”)

Our best finds were the soft slipper socks we found pictured above. SO soft. We each bought a pair. Here are a few other random items that tickled our fancy:

A wine glass that reads Queen Bee. I think my friend Heather at Queen Bee Coupons needs this! 

Check out all the insulated lunch bags and thermoses. I own one of the soup jugs pictured on the top row and trust me, we did not buy it at the dollar store! 

Window markers. These would be great for decorating your car to announce a graduation or wedding. Some friends of mine also used some like this to decorate our car for a running relay.  

I think that greeting cards may be one of the best deals in a dollar store. Check it out: these packs of 8 thank you notes still have the original $3.25 price tag on them!  

The store we visited in Puyallup also had a huge selection of greeting cards for every occasion.  

Glow sticks aplenty. These would be great for a kids’ birthday party.  

I was surprised by some of the larger gift bags we spotted. Some of these would sell for quite a bit more than $1 elsewhere.  

I found small bottles of Mod Podge! 

Check out these great little craft storage box organizers. Perfect for organizing beads and small items.  

These bags of craft sticks would be perfect for putting together the Summer Bored Jar idea I shared from a year ago. They’d also be fun to make some simple plant markers for the garden.  

I found some simple checkers and chess sets in the toy section.  

Frames, all shapes and types! Might be good to pick up for simple gifts you could throw together.  

These vases were a pretty decent size.  They’d be great to have to throw in some fresh-cut flowers from your yard.

Colgate toothbrushes! I actually bought a two-pack one I found. Great deal! 

One of my favorite candies – Werther’s Original. At $1, this is a total steal!

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I’d love to hear from you: what do you like picking up at the Dollar Store?