*LAST CHANCE* Eat at Home Meal Plans: 30% off through 9/22 + Victory Pantry Bonus

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Just a reminder – TODAY is the last day to get in on this sale!

Are you looking for some help to get organized with your meal planning? Maybe you’re looking to make some meaningful steps toward reducing your grocery budget. Or maybe you’re like a lot of folks who just get in a rut of making the same dinners over and over and are ready to spice things up.

If any of the above apply, take a look at the Eat at Home Meal Plans. I encourage you to do so quickly, because through 9/22 only, you can save 30% off when you use coupon code EASY. These sales only happen a few times per year!

How It Works

To get started with your new meal plan service, head to Eat at Home.

You’ll then be able to select the menu that makes best sense for your family’s size and nutritional needs. These currently include whole food plant based (emphasizes whole foods, veggies, whole grains), traditional (family-friendly), slow cooker/instant pot (EVERY recipe can be made in your slow cooker!), and no flour/no sugar.

The good news is you’ll have access to ALL four plans with your membership! So you can switch it up and choose between recipes.

You will then get a color-coded grocery list each week with the ingredients you’ll need for your recipes! Want to streamline things even more? Consider purchasing your items through Clicklist.

You receive a month’s worth of meal plans at a time, so you can really plan ahead. This is particularly helpful if you like to shop in bulk or at warehouse stores.

Eat at Home Sale

There are three different ways to pay for your Eat at Home subscription:

  • $14/per month (billed once monthly)
  • $84/per year (billed once annually)
  • $31/per quarter (billed once every 3 months)

I already feel this is a fantastic deal when you consider the time and money you’ll save. I’ve also shared how a service like this is a bigger cost savings over dinner subscription plans, such as Hello Fresh. But, it gets better. Use coupon code EASY at checkout through September 22nd (Tuesday) and you’ll save 30% on ANY of the above plans… for as long as you keep the plan.

Let me do the math again for you:

  • $9.80 $14/per month (billed once monthly)
  • $59 $84/per year (billed once annually)
  • $22 $31/per 3 months (billed once every 3 months)

If you are looking to save the most money, the annual plan at $59 is your best bet as this works out to just $4.92 per month (compare that to the regular price of $14 per month)!

Victory Pantry Bonus

It’s no secret that times have been a little tough lately. After the uncertainty with the supply chain for groceries and bare shelves, you may be wondering how to properly stock your pantry.

Good news: when you order during this Eat at Home Sale, you’ll also receive the Victory Pantry bonus which walks you through stocking your pantry step-by-step. You’ll eventually have a fully stocked, working pantry with enough food to feed your family for two weeks for any emergency situation we may encounter.

Money Back Guarantee

Still on the fence? Eat at Home offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your plan during your first month, you can contact Eat at Home for a full refund.

Fall is such a great time to establish new routines and find our rhythm again! Make sure to check out Eat at Home to streamline your meal planning.