Fred Meyer Pickup Online Ordering FAQs (and a few tips & tricks!)

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I’ve been using Pickup ever since it launched at my Twin Lakes Fred Meyer store last summer. It’s been nothing short of amazing for this busy work-at-home parent and I’m always talking it up to friends and family. Today I thought I’d share some of the common questions or concerns I see raised about this service and I hope, nudge you off the fence so you’ll give it a try for yourself.

Question #1: How easy is it to place an order online? It will probably take me just as long to place the order as do my own shopping.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical the first time I tried Pickup. Would the program be cumbersome, sluggish, or hard to navigate? I can tell you that the system was very easy to use from the very start.

When you log into the site, you’ll notice that Pickup smartly has your recent purchases front and center:

I’ve noticed that I often tend to buy a lot of the same items, so this makes building my list very easy. The search function is also incredibly quick to use.

After you’ve added your items to your cart, you select a pick-up time and submit. Last night I put together an entire Pickup order with a week’s worth of groceries in about 10 minutes’ time (and that included my meal planning!). If I felt this system was difficult or frustrating to use, I wouldn’t use it. Period.

Question #2: Will I pay more for the items I buy through Pickup than I’d get shopping in the store? What about coupons?

This is a common question I get and I’m here to tell you that not only will you get the same price as you would in the store, but Pickup also does an excellent job of highlighting those sale items for you!

Last night, these were the items showing in the “Sale Items for You” section. These are all prominently featured on this week’s ad.

As far as coupons go, yup. You can absolutely use both paper and e-coupons on your Fred Meyer Pickup order. After placing my order, I like to log onto and make sure to download any related coupons to items I’m purchasing. If you have paper store or manufacturer’s coupons, just let the Pickup team member know that once you’ve arrived and they’ll process them for you.

Question #3: I like picking out my own meat and produce. Will the Pickup team do a good job?

I’m going to be honest here. I feel like I often get better produce and meat when I order through Pickup!

Check out this beautiful chuck roast I got included in my order today:

There is very little fat to be trimmed on this and it looks like a very nice cut.

As far as produce goes, special instructions are welcome (and even encouraged!). When you go to checkout, you’ll see you have the option of leaving notes about anything and everything on your order. Last night I made sure to request green bananas. I also specified the quantity of onions I wanted, and I mentioned that I’d like more than a pound of ground beef. All these requests were met.

Bottom line, I’ve had zero issues with Pickup’s ability to select quality meat and produce.

Question #4: What if I forget to add an item to my order?

This has happened to me on a couple of occasions and it’s never been an issue. If you realize your error before midnight of the night before your order, you can place a new Pickup order and then there’s an option to add it to an existing order. Easy.

If you realize it after that, in many cases you can just call your store’s Pickup number and tell them. I’ve done this too, and they were able to accommodate me.

Question #5: Don’t you think the $4.95 fee is high for this service? Is it worth it?

Actually, I think it’s extremely reasonable! Today’s order would’ve taken me 30-40 minutes to shop for, plus the time involved to go through checkout. So you’re looking at about 40-50 minutes of time saved. Consider some of the following ways I’ve used Pickup:

  • I used Pickup to pick up a big grocery order during Christmas week. The store was PACKED and the parking lot full. I easily saved myself an hour or more, plus the stress of going into the store during one of the busiest times of the year.
  • Last night, I scheduled a Pickup order to pickup at 7am today. I was able to have all my groceries at home and put away by about 7:30 this morning, which means I no longer need to schedule some time during my day for this errand.
  • I have scheduled Pickup orders for busy, errand-filled days to maximize my time.

I often tip waiters or waitresses in excess of $4.95, so I’m definitely happy to pay this reasonable fee to create some time and space in my week. You might be interested to read a post I wrote earlier this year about valuing time over money for more on this topic.

Have I piqued your interest? You might want to read my tutorial about how Pickup works to get started. Note that it’s not currently available at every Fred Meyer or Kroger store. To see if it’s available near you, head to Pickupt.

Now it’s your turn: if you’ve tried Pickup before, what has your experience been?

10 thoughts on “Fred Meyer Pickup Online Ordering FAQs (and a few tips & tricks!)”

  1. I completely agree that clicklist does a better job of selecting meat and produce than I do. I was very impressed.

  2. I have had nothing but great luck with this process matter of fact when it saves me time from running into 5 different people I know or dealing with lines, GOD send!!!

  3. I love this service. The clerks that bring your order out are always pleasant and they will take the time to answer any questions you might have. During my last pickup I asked about coupons and the specials listed in the paper. When the clerk spotted my black fabric Fred Meyer bags she assured me that if I listed in the special instructions that I would be using my own bags she said they can fill my order and bring it out in the same totes and they would happily pack up my order.
    This service has worked out wonderful for me in another way as well. I’m handicapped and going up and down isles then getting to the end of the store and remembering something I need but its on the other side of the store. So instead of not getting the item using this service all I have to do is edit my order which you can do up until the day you get your groceries.

  4. This service is so excellent! Think about it this way. You have a list. You go too the store. While you’re there, you start seeing other that aren’t on your list and throw them in too. Suddenly your checking out with $125 worth of groceries instead of $75!! This service saves me money every time I shop! And I can see my total spend before I check out! Cha-ching!!

  5. I think Fred Meyer should make click list free with a minimum purchase. I never spend less than $75 and I’m insulted that I also have to pay $4.95. This winter I’ll probably bite the bullet, pay their fee and let the delivery person fight the elements.

  6. I have my list made, but was apprehensive to follow through. So I’ve been reading what others thought of the service. My husband recently had surgery, and is at a point he can drive ( i don’t) but cant handle being out long. I’ve been using rideshares to get around,shopping and doctors appointments and was facing another 50 – 60$ charge to get groceries (you find out who your friends are when you need them, turns out we didn’t have any). Driving to the store, having our things loaded and back home won’t be a problem for him, it was the hour plus for me to shop he cant do. So clicklist is going to save me the stress of shopping, from the impulse buys i never fail to make and at least an additional $45.00 if i had used a rideshare to get there and back. Using the tips I’ve found on these pages, this is the biggest blessing for us in over a month. I’m heading back over to submit my order now. TY!

  7. I am 92 years old and hate changes. I finally conquered your quick list and tonite every thing is different. What is with Walmart and other stores mentioned. I was all set to make an order tonite, but now I don,t know how to do it. I no longer drive and my son picks it up for me.

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