Fred Meyer Fuchsia Saturday 2019 is April 6th

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Fred Meyer’s popular Annual Fuchsia Saturday is happening this week, and I wanted to make sure you’re ready for it!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • April 6th, 7 am – 4 pm at the Garden Center of Fred Meyer stores.
  • Event will take place rain or shine, so plan accordingly!
  • Purchase your plants and planters from Fred Meyer (or bring pots from home).
  • Fred Meyer employees will plant them for you using FREE Premium Black Gold Potting Soil.

Even though this is called a “fuchsia” event, know that you can bring ANY plants or planters to this event – planter boxes for your deck or porch, edibles, flowers, you name it. Just honor the guidelines – there is a limit of 8 planters of 16″ diameter per person.

In my experience, there may be some waiting involved, particularly if you’re headed there first thing in the morning (the afternoon seems less busy). You might want to grab a cart so you’re not lugging the plants and planters around. Sometimes they’ve had a coffee or hot dog stand for the line waiters as well (so bring some cash).

One year, I asked for the plastic plant containers that the employees were just going to discard at the end and they gave me as many as I wanted!

Here are some tips from readers who have participated in this event in years past:

“We love it. I reuse my hanging baskets, buy liners at Big Lots for less money and get the fuchsias on sale day. They will fill your planter and plant the flowers for you. Super great service if you are disabled and/or on a limited budget. Last year I did six fuchsias per 14 – 16″ hanging basket. They grew well and hummingbirds loved them. We waited in a short line.” – Amy

“THE social event of the year! Friendly staff, shoppers, some confused about finding the end of the line, but do so with encouragement from shoppers. Great way to start spring for real. And makes great planters that you almost created yourself with half the work! THANK YOU, FRED MEYER, FOR THIS ANNUAL EVENT! It is a must do, and you will notice others capitalizing on the experience.” – Penny

This is such a great event and I encourage you to make it out to get a jump start on your gardening this year. For more information, please visit Fred Meyer’s website.

Have you attended this event before? If so, what were your thoughts? Are you planning to go again?

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