Fred Meyer Senior Discount Days – for 2020

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Fred Meyer Senior Discount Days

If you are 55 or older, you can take advantage of Fred Meyer Senior Discount Days to save even more money on your groceries and household goods!

On the first Tuesday of every month, you’ll save on extra 10% on the following items:

  • Private Brand Groceries and Nutrition (Fred Meyer, Kroger, Simple Truth, Private Selection, and more brands)
  • Apparel, Shoes & Accessories
  • Home (Toys, Sporting Goods, Auto & Garden)
  • Electronics (excludes phone activation and Mobile Market phones)
  • Fred Meyer Jewelers (exclusions apply)

Just make sure to bring a valid photo ID and ask for the discount on the designated day.

There are some exclusions for the Senior Discount such as items sold in the bakery, seafood, and deli departments as well as lottery, tobacco, and alcohol. For a full list of exclusions, please visit

In case you’re wondering, you CAN use your Senior Discount in conjunction with other discounts and coupons (unless stated otherwise).

Senior Discount - Fred Meyer 2015 Days

Here are the Fred Meyer Senior Discount Days for 2020:

  • January 7, 2020
  • February 4, 2020
  • March 3, 2020
  • April 7, 2020
  • May 5, 2020
  • June 2, 2020
  • July 7, 2020
  • August 4, 2020
  • September 1, 2020
  • October 6, 2020
  • November 3, 2020
  • December 1, 2020

For more information, please check out

Please also check out current Fred Meyer deals happening.

I’d love to hear if you have additional tips or tricks for maximizing Fred Meyer’s Senior Discount. Please share!


7 thoughts on “Fred Meyer Senior Discount Days – for 2020”

  1. I use the FM store branded rewards coupons on Sr. Tuesday. These generally come with your rewards rebate. I also will receive another booklet of rewards coupons about once a quarter.

    These rewards coupons will stack, so you can get some awesome deals. Depending on the coupon, they will stack with the 10% Sr. discount, any weekly flyer coupons, mfr. coupons or LTC coupons too! I use them for clothing/home items/toys & FM branded food items on Sr. Tuesdays. I have purchased some great deals in all departments doing this.

  2. This is my first time visiting this site and I am so impressed! Wish I would have known before as I shop FM all the time. What great savings and can’t wait to put it to use!

  3. I thin k this IS a good deal. The store brand is of very good quality. I rarely buy name brands as they are overpriced for the same item you can buy with the store brand. Any discounts are worth going for and as a senior I appreciate the extra value.

  4. Thank you Fred Meyer. We ‘re a 45 minute drive from the nearest FM, and we make the trip every month to stock up. The savings are REALLY worth it, especially combined with using the points to fill up our gas tank at the same time. Thank you VERY MUCH!

  5. Sometimes there are extra days during December. And, if the Friends and Family sale happens at the same time, one can score 20% off. I have learned that to get the maximum discount, one should use store coupons before the senior discount and manufacturer coupons after.

  6. i am very happy with the discount, I buy store brand all the time. Great value and quality. Plus I buy a lot in the nutrition center. No complaints!

  7. This is a great deal! I found a handgun at the sporting goods counter I wanted. Price was equivalent to other places I looked, but with the 10% off discount, it brought the price down
    to a very good price. Saved $70. I’m happy and looking forward to using another senior

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