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UPDATE: Be sure to stop by this post to see how I've started using my Savings Tracker. I'm illustrating using my own, real-life transactions!

Some of you might have been using the Excel spreadsheet savings tracker I created last year. In order to start the New Year of right, I decided I wanted to make some modifications to this spreadsheet. As some of you know, I used to work as an Administrative Assistant to Senior Management for a local bank, so I got rather handy with Excel. 😉

With this spreadsheet you'll be able to:

  • Easily imput your monthly and yearly goals
  • Enter data from your reciepts and let my preset formulas tally your spending, savings, actual-to-budget, and more
  • Track and manage your rebates (NEW!)
  • Determine how much you saved with coupons, store sales, and rebates
  • Have your monthly and year-to-date savings ratio update instantly

I've worked hard to create this spreadsheet and make it as user-friendly as possible. My goal was to have you be able to enter only a few pieces of data from your receipts and let it do all the calculating for you.

To get started, download and save a copy of the spreadsheet to your computer. Then, open the Summary tab. This is where you can get a year-to-date view of your savings. All you need to do on this tab is set up your monthly budget for food and household items – one entry per month. Once you input that information, your monthly tabs will prefill with your goals. At any point, you can visit the Summary tab to keep an eye on the "bigger picture" of your spending and savings.

Each time you shop, come back and fill out the few pieces of information from your receipts onto the appropriate monthly tab. Again, I have formulas preset to keep your stats updated EVERY TIME new information is entered. 

A couple last notes about this Savings Tracker. First, while I've worked to make it as user-friendly as possible, please note a basic understanding of Excel is essential. I've included a "Start Here" tab with a few basic instructions, but unfortunately, I can't offer Excel training to everyone. Sorry.

Lastly – and this should be common sense – this spreadsheet is intended for personal use ONLY. Please be considerate of copyright issues. If you are a blogger and wish to direct your readers to my Tracker, you are welcome and encouraged to link to this post. However, I request you not place the Tracker for download directly on your personal blog or website.

I hope this helps some of my nerdy Excel friends! I will be using this spreadsheet myself and will try to show you how I make use of it in the days and weeks ahead to illustrate how it works.

UPDATE: One commentor mentioned that the links weren't working from the Summary Page to the monthly tabs. When I took a look, I reazlied I'd hard entered $150 from Feb – Dec. I have uploaded the corrected versions below. I apologize for this!

Download 2010SavingsTracker (Excel 2007 Version)

Download 2010SavingsTracker2 (Excel1997 – 2003 Version; some formats may vary slightly)

Thoughts? Let me know!

133 thoughts on “Free downloadable 2010 Savings Tracker”

  1. Angela, you read my mind 🙂 I started a spreadsheet this afternoon to capture this information. But I’m going to use yours instead since it is more detailed & tested. I did add drop down boxes to the store column. Mainly because I’d like to run some reports at the end of 2010 & I’d like to have them all the same (I can forward it to you if you’d like me to). Thanks for taking the time to create this & for being willing to share it. Happy 2010

  2. Random question:

    for entering receipt information, are u entering the total shelf cost (for the entire shopping trip), and then coupons and store deal savings, for all things purchased or individual items?

    for example, when I shop Safeway, there is always a summary of what I saved – for both coupons and also store savings – but never a “shelf cost” of what I could have paid if I didn’t use coupons, sales, etc. (I would have to calculate backwards to get that number) — am I entering in that info or do I do individual items.

    Sorry if this is a silly question but it may be relevant to how much time I want to spend entering in information 🙂

    thanks for the download, though, I have been wondering about how much I was saving per month 🙂


  3. oops, has I have looked closer at the pic you have posted above this post – I am noting that it looks like it is an overall amount, not individual items. guess I just answered my own question! 🙂


  4. Alissa, oooo…I’d love to see how you did the drop-down boxes can you email me at thecouponproject at hotmail dot com? I was trying to figure out how to do this earlier. Glad you found it helpful.

    Liz, glad you figured it out! Yes each line is intended to be used per receipt – not per item! That’d be a LOT of work!! 😉

  5. I would love to download this but don’t have excel. I have works spreadsheet. is there a way to download it anyways?

  6. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! My own spreadsheet was not nearly as nice as yours. Thank you for sharing your skills with us!

  7. What a wonderful idea! I recently created one for Open Office because I do not have Excel. I have no idea how to make it do the calculations though.

    It’s really sweet of you to share this with your readers!

  8. Betsy, I just read your comment and we don’t have Excel either. But if you download OpenOffice (it’s free) you can open and save this file in their excel version.

  9. I entered my budget on the summary page. It put the correct amount for January but on the subsequent months it was $50 less than what I had entered. Actually in Nov. and Dec. it is $100 less. It entered a static $150 from Feb-Dec. HELP!!! 🙂
    Thank you so much for doing this. I would also love the version with the drop down menus.

  10. Thank you, thank you for this spreadsheet. I was really wanting to track my savings for this year but didn’t know quite how to go about it. This is a wonderful tool, I can’t wait to see my savings all in one place!

  11. Wendy, hmmm. I wonder when I made the changes last night if it altered where those were pulling from. I’ll take a look as soon as I can and see if it needs correcting.

  12. Wendy, for some reason at some point I’d hard entered $150 into the monthly tabs – who knows why! I went back and fixed the links and uploaded the corrected versions.

    If folks already have a bunch of info on the new sheets, you can correct this easily enough. On each monthly sheet, where it reads Monthly Budget, you’ll want to create the following formula in the adjacent cell: =Summary!i2 (for Jan) =Summary!i3 (for Feb) =Summary!i4 (for March) and so on. Email me at thecouponproject at hotmail dot com if you need additional assistance on repairing. Sorry about that!

  13. awesome! thank you!
    can someone help me to get this open in Open Office? I just downloaded that since I don’t have Excel on my computer anymore 🙁
    Now I can’t get this to open correctly!

  14. Thanks for this spreadsheet, I too was trying to make one of my own but this is much better!

    Quick question, for the “shelf cost” did you include tax or not?

  15. Aubrey – good question. Yes, I do include tax. Basically “shelf cost” is what I would’ve paid for the total transaction had there not been sales or coupons, etc. Some stores do a better job than others in giving this information to you.

    For instance, the Albertsons in my area show you exactly what sales saved you. Another store I like to shop at, Fred Meyer, doesn’t. So sometimes I just estimate savings. The point is to make that column what makes sense to you. Feel free to rename it if it helps!

  16. Thanks so much for doing this. One of my resolutions was to keep track of my savings this year, and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do that. I do have a couple of quick questions however. I shop at CVS a lot. Which column would you include the ECB’s that you receive w/ your purchase, and which column would you use to show the ECB’s you paid with? Also, what if you use a gift card that you’ve earned from like a prescription transfer? Would you just use that as a discount? Sorry for all the questions. This is the first year I’ve done it, and I really want to stick with it. Thanks for your help.

  17. Thank you so much for posting this! I was wanting to keep track of my spending this year and, while I had been planning to use Excel, it was nothing compared to this. Yours makes it so easy!

  18. Alissa – could I get a copy of your spreadsheet with the drop downs? That would be awesome since I shop at different stores often. My email is CABean03 at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

  19. Is there a place to record/enter when rebates are received? Also, are you entering Wags RR as rebates?

    Thanks! I LOVE your spreadsheet. (Those of us who are numerically challenged especially appreciate you sharing this!)

  20. this is great! Thanks! Similar questions as Rhonda referring to ECBs from CVS. I entered my ECB in the discount column and the coupons in the coupon column. Their receipts don’t show a subtotal, so it looks like you’ll have to total up the reciept on our own? to show entire savings and I guess add in the tax?

    Thanks for following up!

  21. Regarding rebates…

    This is a TRICKY one and something I struggled with last year. So this is how the spreadsheet is set up and how it makes sense to me.

    When you have an item that’s on rebate, you’ll note it on your line-item entries. Up at the top section, you’ll notice there’s a place you’ll be able to see how much you’ve spent AFTER rebates as well as BEFORE rebates are accounted in. There is a separate tab called “rebate tracker” where you can then manage your rebates – when you sent them, when you received them.

    Catalinas/RRs…again, here’s my thinking. I will simply count the savings in the coupon category when they are redeemed. For instance, let’s say I have two WAGS transactions.

    Trx 1: I spend $10 and use a $2 coupon and get a $5 RR. I’d just note that shelf cost was $10, and enter a $2 in the coupon field. Trx 2: I redeem the $5 RR on a $15 purchase. Shelf cost $15 and then I enter a $5 on the coupon field. The good news is that your total savings ratio at the top of the montly tab will account for your overall savings rate.

    Again, I designed the spreadsheet to make sense for my brain – but feel free to tweak it however it makes sense for you! Feel free to add comments and notes into your copy to remind yourself how you intend to use it.

    I’m planning on making a few transactions this week and will do another post soon illustrating how my sheet looks with real data entered. HTH!!

  22. Thank you, you saved me from making my own as I was planning to track how much I’m actually saving by using coupons and rebates. I will add this to my 2010 records, along with my online earnings sheet (for my survey sites and such)and my spending plan worksheet.

  23. Thank you so much… New Years resolution was to get organized. What a wonderful way to start. This is fantastic! Now if I could get you to come to my house………..:)

  24. For ECB’s:

    1. You have to be consistent for whatever method you decide to use to account for ECBs

    2. For me, I’m not tracking them on the transaction that I received them. I track them as a “coupon” in the transaction that I use them since this is the time when the ECB has true cash value.

  25. Help! I have downloaded the 2010 Savings Tracker,but it won’t let me enter anything! Did I miss something?I can’t wait to get started! Happy New Year!Thanks for any help.

  26. Thanks, Angela. Just found your blog through the “Money Saving Mom” blog. I look forward to trying out your worksheet and following your blog. Happy New Year!

  27. Thank you for sharing your skills. I wouldn’t have been able to make the spreadsheet but I can fill in the blanks. Thanks for making it so user friendly. I am excited to see how the months shape up.

  28. Thank you so much for making sharing this with all of us non talented Excel people! I am new to your site. I started using coupons in the middle of last year but did not keep up with really how much I saved other then in my mind! My goal this year was to track it and stick to a budget! Thanks again so much!

  29. this is really awesome, i was using a notebook before, but i didn’t calculate the percentage saved, just the amount of money saved. i love it, i wanted a tool to use to calculate the savings, thank you thank you thank you so much!!!!

  30. Thank you so much for sharing!! What a great tool. I just started couponing about 6 months ago so I will be excited to see on paper what my savings are for the year!

  31. Thank you so much for creating this and sharing. I wanting to start cracking down and created a detailed budget and tracker for 2010 and the one I created was nothing like yours. Thank you!!

  32. Vicki and Angela: If you are opening with Open Office, it’ll open as a Read Only file. All you have to do is save it to your desktop and it will automatically convert to a version that you can edit.

    And thanks for the tracker, it looks really helpful! I went out shopping today and just entered my first three stores worth of data. =)

  33. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response! I hope that you will continue to follow me. In addition to finding great deals, it’s equally important to me that I share my money-saving adventures with you…that I take the time to share what I learn and encourage you to make a meaningful dent in your budget. If you’re wondering where I’m headed in 2010, I encourage you to read my post here:

    Again, over the next few days and weeks, I’m going to do my best to illustrate my own personal use of this spreadsheet tool in order to give you some ideas of how it could be used.

  34. i’m wondering if i’m doing something wrong when i download it. when i do it is all very compact on the page. the words in the tabs across the top are so compressed that the full words do not show up. what could i be doing wrong or how can i fix this? thank you so much

  35. Starr, first, make sure you’re saving a copy directly to your computer. (I trust & hope folks are doing this BEFORE making any additions.) Next, it’s quite possible the spreadsheet needs to be maximized on the page. Make sure to hit the square icon in the upper right-hand corner. HTH.

  36. Sweeeeeeet! I have a spreadsheet I’ve used that is really quite similar to yours, only yours in more advanced! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  37. Thanks SO much! I was trying to figure out the best way to track my savings (just started couponing) and found your site from CouponingtoDisney today! Love it!

  38. I’ve been messing around with this program and when you include tax in your shelf total, it changes the amount paid. I think you should have a tax box to itself and then caculate your tax into your savings percentage. I would change it on mine, but I’m self taught on excel and don’t know how to change a percentage formula.
    Does that make sense?

  39. Hmmm, well I think I figured it out! Following a tracker like this would mean no shopping at Wags! That would be so hard to track and remember when I got home!

  40. Christan, I actually DID track my WAGS stuff with a version of this I created in 2009. It worked fine. I am planning a couple trips in the week and will be sure to come back and demonstrate how I’m using it.

    It should go without saying, this tool may not be for everyone! If you really aren’t concerned with what you’re saving/spending, or if you have extremely excessive transactions at drugstores, then you might not wish to track. Another suggestion – let’s say you do 4 transactions at Walgreens. It’s possible you could tally your totals and make ONE line entry.

    Again, I encourage people to save a copy of this on their computers and feel free to tinker with it and make it your own. I understand everyone has their own shopping preferences. 😉

    Be sure to stop by in the next few days and I’ll spend some more time showing you how I’m using mine with real data. Thanks!!

  41. Awesome! I was just talking with my husband yesterday about tracking how much I save through coupons etc. He mentioned tracking sales vs. shelf price and I said I didn’t want to hassle with that but this will make it easy! I plan to link to this post from my site as well. Great job!

  42. this is great. Now I can show my husband what we are really spending? How do you track RR from Walgreens or ECB from CVS? Thanks

  43. You are THE BEST! I am sooo excited about this! I was wanting to “track” my savings this year and this tool is just what I needed!
    God bless you for blessing the rest of us with your knowledge and skills!

  44. I work with a company called Grocery Smarts (I teach couponing classes). This is perfect! I had a good friend send this to me (hope you don’t mind if I blog about you too). I certainly can’t wait to give this a try!!!! Thanks so much 🙂

  45. Thanks for sharing this spreadsheet. It is great! I really wanted to track my savings this year. It helps me stay focused and motivated. Thanks again!

  46. This is awesome! I started using it today! Aside from the above question regarding CVS’s ECB’s, I was wondering…do you add your entire purchase or just the items you received deals on. For example, today the only thing I didn’t save money on was a card for my husbands birthday. Do I include that to the total or just those that were on sale, discounted, or coupons were used?

  47. Thank you so much for all of the work you’ve put into this spreadsheet! I’m super excited to start using it 🙂

  48. Love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing this! It is a such an inspiration to continue the ‘hunt’ for deals when we can see how much we are really saving. Also, makes me feel like I can see my stay at home mom job/salary is actually quite profitable. I make much more $ for my family with coupons, rebates and sales than any job I could go out and work.

  49. Angela I need help…for some reason when I click on the link it downloads but when I try to open it it says not found….what should I be doing differently?

  50. oops! Sorry nevermind….I figured it out. If anyone else is having this problem do “save link as”….and then put it somewhere you can find it. Then go to “open” on your excel and open it from where you put it….don’t know why it wasn’t working…and BTW..Thanks soo much for this…I have a huge spreadsheet for my bills but I was writing my spending on a calendar…This is MUCH better!

  51. Thank you for this! I am trying it out now and think it will be a big help in tracking my spending and savings. One question though, is there supposed to be a separate tab for the “rebate tracker”? I don’t see it on the one I downloaded. Maybe I’m overlooking it? I see Summary, then Jan through Dec tabs, then Sheet1.

    Thanks so much!

  52. LOVE IT! I was in the process of creating my own when my sis in law told me about this one. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work. This is awesome! I just finished entering my receipts from this year so far and CANNOT WAIT to see what my savings will be!!

  53. WOW – thanks… I have been meaning to do this for soooo long. I would also love to know how to do dropdowns. I love excel, but recently converted over to Mac – The Mac Office Works – NUMBERS can open excel spreadsheets and you can either save them as NUMBERS files or excel files if you are going back and forth mac to PC.

    Definitely going to share this with my readers – AWESOME JOB!!

  54. What great tips for helping people track their spending in 2010! And thanks for sharing your Excel template!

    There are some more great templates — for all Office products — at

    Also, if you’re interested in getting tips and tricks about Office products, join the community and conversation at the Office page on Facebook.

    Happy saving!


    MSFT Office Outreach Team

  55. Alissa, I’d love to get a copy of the drop down menu version too if possible. Please email to millerfordfamily at verizon dot net., Thanks so much!

  56. Okay So do you use a calculator and total everything you buy from an albertsons receipt and put it in the shelf price? That is the only way I can think of doing it, but my brain is unable to think at the moments so maybe there is another way.

  57. Thank you so much for this! I just downloaded the spreadsheet and input my receipts from the first two weeks of Jan. This is way cool!!

  58. I love this thanks. I am just starting to use it. I was wondering if anyone knows how to add in money back. Like the store owed me money for coupons not rung in and I had a 3.50 off entire bill. I put it in by itself in one line. I think that was how I was supposed to do it but not sure. Thanks Mindy

  59. I’m finally getting around to downloading this and LOVE it – I used a simple savings tracker last year that I tweaked for my own use – but this is AMAZING! I’m going to link over here from my blog!

  60. thanks for sharing this. I have been using it and it helps me keep track of my spending. I just started couponing a couple months ago. I am hoping that your spreadsheet will help me keep balance between getting bargins and “spending too much money to save money”. I need to remember how much I spent…not just how much I saved. Anyway thanks.

  61. Thank you so much for sharing this tool and your knowledge. I have posted a link to your site on my blog for my readers to discover your site!

  62. This is awesome! Thank you so much! I found the Start Here and Rebate Tracker tabs that I didn’t see before. Cool.

  63. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! I want to tell the world!! You are soo amazing to put this together!!! My husband wanted to keep track of the grocery store savings for the year and so that is what we are starting with. I might keep a 2nd one for non-grocery stores, but I’m starting with just groceries. When I put in our information it was so fun to see the savings add up!! Definitely makes all the work of clipping and coupon matching worth my time. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this!!!

  64. Hi ladies! has anyone done a tracker in Microsoft works? I don’t have excel on this computer. I haven’t worked with excel or works for years and not sure how to make one. Could anyone help me out?

  65. Angela- Thanks so much for this, I was looking for something like this also. I went to dinner at Red Robin in Federal Way and Kellie recommended your site and tracker! Now I can input my February receipts and see how I did. Thanks again.

  66. Thanks for this excel spreadsheet and putting it together. I plan on tracking my savings starting this month with your spreadsheet. I will be linking this to my site!

    Thanks, Christina

  67. I’m also having troubles getting this to work with open office. Can anyone offer any advice? I’d so love for this to work!

  68. Wow, would it be weird if I told you I love you? Lol, seriously, I love excel and I am very impressed with this spreadsheet. I am so excited that I can start fresh with April since tomorrow is the 1st. I can’t wait to really see how much I save.
    Thank you for sharing this!


  69. I don’t know if anyone had commented or not on this. But after I entered in a months worth of stuff and go back to my summary page my shelf price and coupons are the same but on each individual month they are different – like they should be. Example: on summary page for Month March – Shelf Price:332.86 Coupons: 332.86
    Month of March tab – Shelf Price 332.86 Coupons: 95.41. Shouldn’t it say the same info on the summary as the month tab? Maybe I’m reading it wrong.

    • Yes, I noticed this too. I just downloaded it this evening and maybe you have already updated your spreadsheet, if not, then on the Summary page the equation should be =July!D3 for example. Basically, where it says D2, it should be D3. Just change the equation and it will update correctly going forward.

        • Your spreadsheet is fantastic, by the way. I came across it while creating my own and it saved a lot of work. I am also an avid Excel user and I may eventually convert mine to Access. Yes, that is a little too aggressive probably, but I am hoping to track my usage of products and “predict” my shopping lists and storage needs as well as my average cost per unit to determine my high and low price points. I really, really appreciate the work you have done and your willingness to share it with us. Thank you!!!!

  70. When I purchased a new computer, I lost my old tracker. I wasn’t happy with the tracker I was using before, but your’s is amazing. Thanks so much!!!!

  71. Hey there! love the tracker … just one question .. where do you record things like ECG’s from CVS or RR’s from WAGS??
    Thanks 🙂

  72. How do I enter the date in these cells. I types 1/10/2011 for Jan 10, 2011 but it only comes up as ####### signs. I know that I’m doing something wrong or inputting wrong for the formula in the spread sheet. Every other column reads fine but I can get this one. Can someone help?

  73. I started using your savings tracker the 1st of January this year. I just wanted to let you know how much I like it. I used a different one last year and I like yours so much more. One reason is the rebate column and the other is that all transactions for the month go on one page. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  74. I will be linking to this spreadsheet as its so useful for my family and would be a sure winner for my readers…thanks so much…

  75. Ok, there must be something wrong with me – when I open the folder after extracting it from the zip file I can’t even find an excel document to open. I have Excel 2007 and all I can find in the folder are .xml documents which are not translating in excel. Please help – I would love to use your tracker.
    Thanks, Mandi

  76. A suggestion for future tracker – my Shop Rite receipts do not show the shelf price – it show’s my final total that I have to pay – would be nice if the next generation tracker would do the calculations for shelf price – savings + total paid = shelf price. Right now I am manually adding my savings and the amount I paid so I can input the shelf price. With all the things I do on the computer – I have not been able to do spreadsheets. I’m sure there is an easy fix that I could probably do myself – but after several attempts to do just that – I will continue to do it manually. Thanks for a great product. What I really love is the fact that I can input multiple shopping trips that were made on the same day.!

    • Linda, i think i have the same problem. not sure if its the same thing but i have to add my savings/couppon amt from my receipt and add it to the total paid to get the shelf price. is that the same thing/problem you have? i still love the spreadsheet though. its wonderful

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