Free Sites for Kids: Printables, Paper Dolls, and Games!

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Free Kids Games

I thought I would take the time to compile some excellent online resources for children for you today!

The idea for this post was sparked last week when I decided to sit down and make some paper dolls for my daughter. It took some work to weed through all the sites and find the quality ones – and a big huge shout out to the Facebook pals that took the time to share some of these sites with me!

Free Paper Dolls Sites

Paper Dolls by Gail. This site includes paper dolls for celebrities and fictional personalities including Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rogers, and even…Adam Lambert!

Bernstein Bears. Dress Pa, Ma, Brother and Sister.

Activity Village. Cute dolls of all kinds including children, the Royal Wedding, princesses, and more.

Nick Jr. This popular site has an entire section devoted just to Puppets & Paper doll crafts.

OPDAG. This site has a very cute little free paper doll called Melanie.

Free Paper Dolls

Free Printable Coloring Pages

One easy way to find particular printable coloring pages? Try Googling ” ___________ printable coloring images.” (For instance, Disney printable coloring images, Thomas the Train printable coloring images.)

Nick Jr. I love this site for the ease of finding the printables and quality of images. Head to their Art Center to find them.

Crayola. They have a very well organized, comprehensive site for finding printables. They also have activity sheets, too.

Disney Junior. Head here for a number of great coloring printables. They also have a great “click & color” section for those of you sans printers, or those that just don’t want to get the crayons all out!

Coloring Book Fun. We’ve printed out these Veggies Tales images so many times, it’s downright scary. They also have many, many other categories on this site.

Fairy Printables. Thanks to Brenda on Facebook for sharing this site with me last week!

Children Inspire Designs. This site offers some adorable and chic free printables for coloring, craft projects, and more.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

Free Kids Game Sites

My children enjoy sites like these and actually, I have found them useful for teaching my kids about letters, numbers, and other such stuff.

Nick Jr. We use this one the most in my house. The games range in skill level by age and there are games for just about every Nick Jr show you can think of from Dora to Yo Gabba Gabba. You can find them in the game section.

PBS Kids. This site has a ton of games on them too. You can sort by game type or by show. Mix and Paint is my 3 year old daughter’s favorite.

Fisher Price Games. This site has some great, basic ABC games geared for infants and toddlers. There may be some cute animals and music involved.

Disney Princess Games. My daughter loves this site. You can click on various Disney Princesses and play games. This site keeps her amused for awhile.

BarbieGirls. has a few games geared for girls. They used to have a virtual world you could play, but it seems to be closed.

KidsDino. While this site doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of those listed above, there are a few games on there my son has enjoyed playing in the past. You can create your own dinosaur or play a matching dinosaur game (his favorite).

Disney. Leave it to Disney to put together a great site full of games for kids of all ages! Also check them out for free videos and crafts.

Veggie Tales. Released earlier this year, the Veggie Tales site has videos, printables, and a few games. Parents beware: some of the games are tricky for the little ones…and even the big ones. After several attempts, I could not successfully beat the Rescue SweetPea game. Sad.

Free Kids Games

What other fabulous sites would you add to my list?

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