Free sample of Aveeno shampoo

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Fill out the short survey (3 questions) and then select a free Aveeno shampoo sample.

5 thoughts on “Free sample of Aveeno shampoo”

      • Can I retract that comment? 😉 I made it flippantly, but would NEVER seriously suggest folks like to obtain a free sample. Nor do I.

        The truth is it’s REALLY hard to NOT give any information in exchange for freebies or samples in return. Even the coupons you print – information is being retrieved. Something to think about – where to draw that line, and when the freebie is worth it.

        So far as I know, they obtain birthdates as a way to ensure only one sample is issued per person. Again, this was NOT a well-thought out response, and I’m sorry for that!

  1. Who cares! It was the day you were born, nothing you can do about it. Plus they will never be able to put a name to the face let alone a birthday.

  2. It’s just that you are giving them all of your personal information except your social security number. I’m willing to give my name and e-mail address. I don’t care about what my birthdate is, just don’t want someone using all of my personal information to do soemthing else. I understand, some things I do do, just something to think about.

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