Getting Married? Consider an Amazon Wedding Registry!

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Getting married soon? Read on to find out all about the Amazon Wedding Registry perks and get started with your own registry!

When I got married, my husband and I had gone to a couple stores and created wedding registries. While this was a fun process, it was a bit time consuming as it involved making trips to the store, scanning items and then trying to wade through it all.

It also meant that in order for guests to fulfill the registries, they’d have to shop at those stores. It’s easiest in this day and age to settle on a universal wedding registry.

Amazon Wedding Registry Perks

If we were to get married now, you bet I’d keep things simple and start an Amazon Wedding Registry! There are a few benefits to doing so and I thought I’d outline a few of those for you today, since I do a fair amount of Amazon deal sharing on this site.

1. Universal Registry

Have a few things you’d like from a merchant not at Amazon? No worries. Thanks to Amazon’s Universal Registry you can add all those items and have them on one registry!

2. Save 20% on Unfilled Items

If there are a few things you don’t end up getting from your registry, Amazon will give you a one-time opportunity to save 20% on these items so long as they are shipped & sold through Amazon. (Note that if you are a non-Prime member, this benefit is 10%.)

3. Generous 180-Day Returns

Yes, 180 days! Amazon gets that there’s a lot to get started with your new life, so you’ll have plenty of time to review your gifts and make sure they’re everything you wanted.

4. Financing and Group Gift Options

Amazon has a few pretty nifty options for your guests, too. If a few people would like to go in on a larger gift, they can take advantage of a Group Gifting feature! Amazon also has financing options for larger items.

5. Fast, Free Shipping

You’ll get free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Of course, if you’re a Prime member, you’ll also get fast, free delivery on millions of items.

Another key advantage to choosing Amazon for your registry is familiarity. It’s likely that many of your guests have placed Amazon orders before, which makes it more likely that they’ll feel comfortable shopping online and helping you fulfill your registry!

It’s also a great option for out of town family and friends.

To learn more about all the benefits and set up your completely free registry, head to the Amazon Wedding Registry page.

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