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In the course of my blog, I’ve run a number of post series. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Please Pass the Fruitcake

This series was featured in December 2011 and highlighted forgotten Christmas traditions and recipes.

Roast Chestnuts
Yule Log
Sugar Plums
Figgy Pudding
Mince Pies
Egg Nog
Wassail & Mulled Wine
Cornish Game Hens & Chestnut Stuffing
Vintage Snowglobes
Decoupage Ornaments
Boar’s Head

Adventures in Bulk Foods

During the month of October 2011, I featured a different bulk food item every day! The goal was to highlight the variety of food you can buy in bulk and creative ideas and recipes for using them.

Visit the Adventures in Bulk Foods page for the complete series.

Deals are not Enough

This 20-part spy genre story featured in summer of 2011 involves a spy of a different kind…whose job is to track down a daily deal fraudster.

Visit the Deals are not Enough page for the complete series.

Adventures in Produce

During the month of January, I wrote about a different fruit or vegetable each day! Some were ones I simply never think to buy (such as parsnips or celeraic), while others were exotic or rare in these parts (rambutan, durian).

Visit the Adventures in Produce page for the complete series.

The Christmas Coupon Project

For the month of December 2010, I wrote a 24-part Christmas Coupon story. You can now download the entire thing in pdf form here: The Christmas Coupon Project.

Couponing Myths & Misconceptions Series

This was the first ever Coupon Project series. I decided to tackle some of the common objections I was hearing about using coupons.

“There are No Coupons for Anything I use!”
“Coupons Won’t Save me That Much Money”
“Everyone at the Store will Hate Me”
“I’ll Save More Shopping at Costco”
“You are Probably at the Store All the Time”
“Buying Generic is the Cheapest Way to Go”
“Coupons and a Healthy Lifestyle Do Not Go Together”
“Using Coupons is Too Complicated”
“Using Lots of Coupons with Sales – isn’t that like Stealing?”

Coupon Lessons

To celebrate one year of being a full-fledged couponer, I decided to run a series on how to get started…one baby step at a time! This series originally posted in October 2009.

Lesson One: Rethinking How and Why You Shop
Lesson Two: How to (and how not to) Stockpile
Lesson Three: Getting to Know your Sunday Paper
Lesson Four (A): Finding Store Coupons
Lesson Four (B): Finding Manufacturer’s Coupons
Lesson Five: Let’s get Organized, Organized
Lesson Six: I Spy with My Little Eye…a Smashing Good Deal?
Lesson Seven: Deal or No Deal?
Lesson Eight: Planning Your Meals and Trips
Lesson Nine: Simple Grocery Shopping Strategies
Lesson Ten: Getting Items you Need for Cheap
Lesson Eleven: Rebate me this, Rebate me that…
Lesson Twelve: The ABC’s of Couponese
Lesson Thirteen: The Rules of the Coupon Road
Lesson Fourteen: Be Nice, not Obnoxious
Lesson Fifteen: Ideas for Generosity

Work-at-Home Series

I launched this series in August 2010 as a way to share legitimate ways of increasing your income from home. These posts were completed by readers.

Coupon Clutches (Custom Product)
Coupon Website
eBay and eBay Coaching
Handmade Headbands (Custom Product)
Graphic Design
In-Home Daycare
Mary Kay Consultant
Medical Transcription
Pampered Chef Consultant
Virtual Personal Assistant
Writer/Communications Consultant

Resume Series

I launched this series in October 2010 to particularly help those of my readers struggling with unemployment.

Three Secrets of  a Winning Resume
Resume Elements
Your Resume is a Marketing Tool
Three Part Cover Letter
Interview Prep Work
One Thing You Must Always Do After an Interview

Starting a Bargain Blog Series

I launched this series in March 2010. Please note that since writing this series, I would generally advise AGAINST starting a bargain blog. Why? Simply put, there are many, many, many bargain blogs and the time & effort you will need to put in to gain traffic and momentum in this saturated niche may not be worth it. As with anything, there are exceptions to this rule. 1) If you are hoping to start a local blog and there are no prominent bargain bloggers in your community. 2) If you have a STRONG voice and are confident you can find deals that others are not already posting. 3) You are hoping to take a specific, very niched angle to your bargain blog (i.e., frugal gardening, organic produce bargain finds, pet deals, etc.). 4) You don’t intend to turn your blog into a business and want to start it as a hobby only or to share your trips with family and friends.

Some of what I’ve written may apply to starting ANY blog, not just bargain blogs specifically.

Steps I Took to Prepare
Your Posts, and Your Time
Driving in Traffic
Show me the Money
Is it for Me?

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