Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Elementary Age Girls

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Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gift Ideas for Elementary Age Girls

Best Gifts for Elementary Age Girls

Do you have a young elementary-age girl to buy for? Whether it’s your own daughter, your niece, or coworker’s daughter, we’ve got you covered with some of the year’s hottest toys as well as surest hits! Make sure to check out our complete list of Gift Guides to help with everyone on your list!

Elsa Doll: Gift Ideas for Girls

Elsa Doll: ~ $14

You can’t go wrong with this best-selling Elsa doll! Does she already have it? Maybe consider some of these Elsa costumes or accessories then.

Spirograph: Gift Ideas for Girls

Deluxe Set Spirograph: ~ $22

This classic toy is making a big comeback! I remember having one of these as a kid, and it kept me entertained for hours. This 45-piece deluxe set comes with a carrying case, so it can go with her wherever she goes! This set is best-selling and highly rated by the Amazon community.

Laugh out Loud Jokes for Kids: Gift Ideas for Girls

Laugh out Loud Jokes for Kids: ~ $3

Tickle her funny bone with this highly rated, inexpensive joke book for kids!

Fashion Headbands: Gift Ideas for Girls

Fashion Headbands Kit: ~ $17

This kit makes 10 fashionable headbands! This kit includes everything she’ll need – the headbands, feathers, flowers, bows, rhinestones, and more. She can either make them all herself, or have her friends over for a headband-making party! Average 4.5-star rating after 1100+ reviews.

Home Karaoke System: Gift Ideas for Girls


Home Karaoke System: ~ $80

Let your budding pop star get in some practice! This home karaoke system would be an awesome gift for the girl who loves to sing and rock out! This system connects (and securely holds!) your media devices. It also comes with free karaoke song downloads and has an additional microphone jack. This system has received an average 4.3-star rating after 1400+ customer reviews.


Barbie Dreamhouse: ~ $142

This highly-rated Barbie Dreamhouse would make a stunning holiday gift for a special little girl! It includes many play furniture pieces as well as special sounds (such as a toilet that flushes and someone singing in the shower).

Nerf Rebelle: Gift Ideas for Girls

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow: ~ $23

Nerf isn’t just for boys! Perfect for the adventurous girl, this Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker bow would make an unusual and fun gift for a girl! Bow comes with 5 darts that shoot up to 75 feet away. (So this might need to be an “outdoor toy!”)


Little Live Birds: ~ $13

Geared for ages 5+, these Little Live Birds are on track to be a popular gift choice! Pet bird responds to sound and touch and will even perch atop your finger.

Kids Kindle Fire: Gift Ideas for Girls

Kids Fire Kindle: ~ $75 (also comes in pink or green)

Geared for kids, this version of the Kindle comes with a kid-proof case, controls parents can set, and a 2-year no-questions-asked guarantee.

Melissa and Doug Friendship Stamp Kit: Gift Ideas for Girls

Melissa & Doug Wooden Friendship Stamp Set: ~ $9

This sweet wooden stamp set is perfect for the budding artist! It includes nine wooden stamps, colored pencils, and a 2-color stamp pad. Highly rated.

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